FASP Parents Association

FASP Parents Association
The FASP Parents Association is comprised of volunteer parents wishing to use their skills and enthusiasm to serve the school. The role of the association is to contribute to school life and more specifically to its expansion by organizing numerous projects. The Board members of the association are the primary contacts for both the school administration and the teachers, and serve as a liaison with the parents.

The FASP-PA meets several times a year. These meetings are open to all. We strongly encourage all parents to attend. An agenda is usually communicated to the families a few days prior to each meeting.

Social Events
The FASP-PA organizes activities for all the students and their families to enhance and supplement the classroom experience and to strengthen the school community. Volunteers are needed to help plan and carry out these activities.

School Promotional Items
The FASP-PA coordinates the sale of promotional items with the logo of the school (such as T-Shirts, caps, bumper stickers).

Yearbook Committee
The Yearbook committee is comprised of several parents responsible for the execution and production of our yearbook. This booklet gathers photos taken during all significant school events throughout the year. It is sold at the end of each school year.