Two newly renovated libraries

Since the beginning of October, FASP has two newly renovated libraries thanks to the generous donations made through the 15th Anniversary Gala and various fundraising actions run by the Parents’ Association last year.

The Grades 1-8 library is a large, light-filled space with comfortable seating areas and desks offering space for individual reading and collaborative learning and research. The library is well stocked with thousands of books carefully selected to cater for all ages and interests. Our librarian seeks to inspire in students a lifelong love of reading and to support teachers into the learning environment.

dsc_7950 dsc_7908 dsc_7887

dsc_7954The Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarteners enjoy a multi-use learning space that is warm and inviting, and full of books designed for our youngest and smallest students at FASP.

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