Science Fair 2018: Grades 6-8

It was a show of creativity, innovative thinking, and scientific method at the Middle School Science Fair on Friday. With a focus on projects that will impact our future, Grade 6, 7, and 8 students presented their work to the rest of the school community. Take a look at their ingenuity!

Grey Water or Grow Water? Can grey water be used to successfully grow plants? 

Wireless Electricity: how the Tesla coil works

An experiment in food shelf-life. Do organic or non-organic lemons hold up longer?

Transportation of the future: a look at how Hyperloop-one works with electric propulsion.

Design for a greener school of the future:

Could the majority of the vitamins we need come from a pill?

Vertical Farms: a great way to save space and reduce the use of pesticides!


Design for a house of the future. What elements would you incorporate?


Water crisis! A cost-effective water filtration system

Does a green roof help lower building temperature?

Will we all be eating bug smoothies and bread in the future?

Find out what kind of building design stands up best in the wind!

Let’s see a demonstration of how a magnetic metro system works.

A creative design for a flying car, based on the principles of how airplanes fly.

A demonstration of how hydroelectric power works

Envisioning how cars of the future will be powered

What are some of the possible benefits of an insect-filled diet?

How can we design a watering system for vertical farming so that all plants get the water they need?

Thanks to all our Middle School participants for great work and fun, educational presentations during our 2018 Science Fair!