An Independent PK-8 Bilingual School in Princeton, NJ


Whether a parent bakes cookies for an event, participates on a committee or serves as president for an entire year, all levels of volunteerism are appreciated at FASP. All parents are encouraged to engage in the life of our school through a variety of opportunities:

Parent Ambassadors

This group of parents works with the Admission Office on recruitment events and programs to enhance and personalize the admission process. Activities include helping with the three admission Open Houses held in October, November and January each year; with the New Parent Orientation and Family Picnic in September; and serve as parent reps to discuss their experiences with prospective parents considering our school.

FASP Parents Association

FASP Parents Association
The FASP Parents Association is comprised of volunteer parents wishing to use their skills and enthusiasm to serve the school. The role of the association is to contribute to school life and more specifically to its expansion by organizing numerous projects. The Board members of the association are the primary contacts for both the school administration and the teachers, and serve as a liaison with the parents.

The FASP-PA meets several times a year. These meetings are open to all. We strongly encourage all parents to attend. An agenda is usually communicated to the families a few days prior to each meeting. (more…)


Our yearbook team works really hard to put everything together for the production of the yearbook. This year, we would like to offer you the opportunity to carve out a space in the yearbook (sizes and examples below).

  • Parents: for a personal message to your child
  • Students/Families: for a message to a teacher, to the school, or to the FASP community

Order your copy today! (price increases after April 3, 2015).
Deadline for yearbook orders and messages: April 30, 2015

Order Form Yearbook messages


Class Representatives

Each class has one representative who is responsible for facilitating communication between the teacher and the parents of the class. Preparation for class birthdays and other in-school events will be communicated by the reps. Representatives are expected to attend the three school council meetings (Nov, Feb, May) to raise parent comments and concerns to the faculty and staff. Teacher gifts are also organized by the reps. In order to foster more cohesion and communication between parents of each class, this year reps will also be expected to organize two class events throughout the year such as a breakfast, a meeting at a park or other activity.
Fluency in both languages is important.

Fundraising Activities

The FASP-PA raises money through several fundraising activities throughout the school year to support school programs which benefit all our students. Below is the list of fundraising events or programs that are held throughout the school year:

Each year a team of parents puts together a yearbook that captures the major events of the year. Volunteers are invited to photograph the children at the various in-school events to create a memoir that parents can purchase at the end of the year. One volunteer per class is in charge of gathering information and photos during the year. If you have any special skill in graphic programs (ex. Photoshop), please let us know. (more…)