May 2016: Student-Led Humanitarian project

Our Grade 8 students successfully completed their Humanitarian project, Action contre la Faim (Action against Hunger), which allowed us to raise $7,000.
75 FASP students participated in the race at our school on May 20th, joining more than 286,000 students from 1,300 schools in France and abroad.
The funds raised by students in the Race Against Hunger directly help Action Against Hunger save the lives of malnourished people around the world.

What is the Race Against Hunger?
Similar to a walk-a-thon, the Race Against Hunger is a fun-run where students collect pledges and raise awareness in their communities. The primary aim of the Race is for students to engage in a fun activity that teaches them about global hunger while raising vital funds for Action Against Hunger’s life-saving programs around the world.


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