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September 2015: Hat Day

All our students were invited to wear their favorite hat to school today.
All they needed was their imagination and a hat. Lots of fun and fashion!

HatDay2015-1 HatDay2015-2 HatDay2015-3

Sneak Peak: Wine Basket

An exquisite wine basket makes a fantastic gift for almost any occasion! Check out this amazing class basket generously donated by the parents of Grade 1A


15-Year Anniversary Gala

Thank you for making our gala a success!

Words cannot express how truly grateful we are for having so many people join us for our 15th Anniversary Benefit Gala. It was great to see everyone dressed up and celebrating our 15 years of excellence in bilingual education.
Thank you to all our sponsors, class liaisons, volunteers and everyone who played their part in making our Gala not only a great event, but our most successful yet.

We also wanted to give a special thanks to our host and master of ceremonies Laurene Isip Scheire for making sure the night was a success, Jerry Ford for your memorable and moving speech, Cecilia Rouse for your inspirational perspective on bilingual education, Oksana Kessous for the angelic sounds of your harp and flute duet, The Philly Quartet for your incredible performance, and of course Thomas F. Marshall for photographing our evening with your unbelievable talent!

We will be updating you this week and next week with results.

Photo credit: Thomas F. Marshall


Application Key Dates

Dec. 08, 17 Open House
Feb. 03, 18 Open House

Jan. 25, 18 Application deadline for siblings of current families
Feb. 26, 18 Re-enrollment deadline for current families
Feb. 28, 18 Application deadline for new families

Feb. 28, 18 Application deadline for Financial Aid w/SSS by NAIS

Mar. 08, 18 Application deadline for Bourses scolaires w/French Consulate

October 2015: Grade 3A Forum

Skits are short performances that help students gain confidence and build teamwork. Great to watch! BRAVO Grade 3A







October 2015: Grade 5 Forum

Practicing public speaking has helped our students gain confidence. Even more impressive when the presentation is given in two languages. Congratulations to our Grade 5 students!

DSC_3050 DSC_3056 DSC_3057 DSC_3059 DSC_3060 DSC_3062 DSC_3063 DSC_3066

October 2015: Celebrating National Chemistry Week

FASP students celebrating National Chemistry Week with color-related experiments with Chemistry Connection®, Solvay’s international hands-on science education program: Food Coloring Kaleidoscope, Ink Dot Flowers, Red Cabbage Juice, and the Electric Pickle!

DSC_2773 DSC_2730 DSC_2726 DSC_2814DSC_2822 DSC_2734 DSC_2737

image2 DSC_2781 DSC_2782 DSC_2785 DSC_2791 DSC_2793 DSC_2794

DSC_2835 DSC_2837 DSC_2854 DSC_2856 DSC_2858 DSC_2869_01 DSC_2871 image1

September 2015: Back-To-School

It was great to see so many families today at the International Potluck Picnic! The year is off to a beautiful start and we look forward to having a great year.



With Brick for Kids, students explore architecture, engineering and technology concepts using LEGO® Education products


Soccer Shots teaches the beautiful game of soccer. Focusing on individual skill, fitness, and sportsmanship, each session provides an opportunity for kids to be challenged through fun games and competitions.

DSC_1391_01 DSC_1394_01


TGA’s 5 Level Golf Enrichment Program introduces children to golf and prepares them for the golf course.

DSC_1452_01 DSC_1456_01 DSC_1468_01

How the Brain Benefits From Being Bilingual |

1500_wbrain_1_0729Never mind how well spoken you might be now, you will never again be as adept with languages as the day you were born. Indeed, the youngest person in any room is almost always the best linguist there too. Read more | Article by Jeffrey Kluger

Understanding How the Brain Speaks Two Languages |

85767598Learning to speak was the most remarkable thing you ever did. It wasn’t just the 50,000 words you had to master to become fluent or the fact that for the first six years of your life you learned about three new words per day. Read more | by Jeffrey Kluger


The Intramural Basketball Program began in January and has been very successful. This winter activity has one 10-week session where students meet one day per week in the gym until 5pm. Participants learn and practice their skills, improve their techniques, and compete in games against one another – a nice blend of work and FUN!










Le premier club sportif de basket-ball a commencé en Janvier et est une belle réussite. Cette activité proposée en hiver se déroule sur 10 semaines durant lesquelles les élèves se réunissent une fois par semaine dans le gymnase jusqu’à 17h. Les participants apprennent et développent leurs compétences, améliorent leurs techniques et font des matchs entre eux – un agréable mélange de travail et de plaisir!

December 2015: Author and Psychologist Robert Evans Lecture at FASP

Nurture. Structure. Latitude.
These were simple, yet powerful, parenting principles Robert Evans, a noted clinical psychologist and a child and family therapist for years, shared with parents who attended his talk at the French American School of Princeton on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. Parents, school faculty and board members from FASP, as well as from the Princeton community, gathered to listen to Rob’s realistic and common-sense approach to parenting during these challenging times.


“As the pace of life accelerates and as the future grows less predictable, parents find it more challenging to raise children of character, caring, and competence,” said Corinne Güngör, Head of the French American School of Princeton. “Rob’s practical advice on focusing on our strengths as parents was very well-received by many parents. This is quite timely, as many of us are constantly re-evaluating the parenting strategies we use in this day and age of digital distractions and societal pressures.”

DSC_3691_01About Robert Evans
Clinical psychologist Robert J. Evans, Ed.D., is a Princeton University alumni, where he pursued his undergraduate degree. He also has a doctorate degree from Harvard University. He has consulted to over 1,700 schools around the country.