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Field Days at FASP

On one of the last days of school, our students (and teachers!) always enjoy a chance to get outside and have fun together. This year was no different, as our students enjoyed classic games, water activities, team games, and a new Ninja Line activity!

Grade 5 & 8 Graduation 2019

Every year, it’s hard to say goodbye to our Grade 8 students as they head on to high school, and hard to believe our Grade 5 students will be Middle Schoolers in a few months! But the graduation ceremony is a special time to celebrate what they have accomplished and what good things they will do on their next adventures. Congratulations to all our graduating students, and best wishes for a bright future!

Kindergarteners visit Grade 1

There are a lot of new and exciting things about Grade 1 – a different classroom environment, homework(!), more emphasis on reading skills, and more. To help get our Kindergarten students ready and excited for this new adventure, they recently visited the Grade 1 class to see what it’s like. They met one of the characters in the French books, met the teacher, and talked about how things will be different. They’ll be all set to start in September!

End of the Year Exhibit: Elementary

All year, our elementary students have been working with their hands during the Thursday Workshops. They’ve been baking, sewing, making pottery, working with robots, and so much more. Last week their classes put together an impressive exhibit of all these projects for their parents to come and enjoy. Take a look at some of the beautiful work they’ve done!

Debates in Grade 5 & 6

For the last two months, our Grade 5 and 6 students have been working together to consider different sides of current issues. They develop a position concerning topics like family dynamics, the effects of technology on society, our environmental impact, and how to create change. Students then take turns debating an issue and deciding whether they have changed their mind or remain firm in their stance. Thinking critically from different viewpoints and expressing oneself in front of others are important parts of students’ development into global citizens.

Field Trip to Dragons Love Tacos

Our Grade 1 & 2 students headed to the Trenton Patriots Theater to see Dragons Love Tacos during their field trip! What a wonderful show!

Grade 3 Coin Collection for WWF

In conjunction with Earth Day and after studying endangered animals in English class, our Grade 3 classes held a three-day coin collection for the World Wildlife Fund. This year they brought in 1 dollar bill, 331 quarters, 442 dimes, 450 nickels, and 1657 pennies or a record total of $167.02!

Social Events for elementary

A big MERCI to the Parents Association for the magic show and games enjoyed by our students recently at FASP. Students enjoyed entertainment from I See Magic, games, and music. This is an opportunity for our students to socialize outside of the classroom and make some memories!

Firmenich leads Fragrance Workshops at FASP

FASP become a perfumery recently with a visit from Firmenich! Workshops included Fragrance Bingo for Grades 1 & 2 and Mix-you-own-fragrance for Grades 3-8. Students learned about the fragrance industry, how fragrances are used and made, and enjoyed the activities as well. Thank you to Céline and her team for this educational fun!

Noodle ball in gym class

Our elementary students enjoyed learning a new game in gym class! Noodle ball is a zany, fast-paced game that gets our students’ feet moving!

Grade 4 Nonfiction Books

Our Grade 4 students completed their non-fiction book projects in English class, where they learned how to create a table of contents, diagrams, and all the components of a book on a subject they care about.

Grade 1 Postcard project

Our Grade 1 students have been corresponding with students from a school in France. They wrote about themselves and their school and decorated postcards to be sent to their new pen pals.

Students discover new books at FASP’s libraries

FASP has extensive collections of French and English books in the Maternelle and Elementary/Middle School libraries. Students enjoy visiting once a week, where they can browse and borrow books to take home and enjoy. Maternelle students often read a story together, and older students share books they’ve enjoyed with the “coups de coeur.” Reading, and learning to love it, is important for building vocabulary, expanding the imagination, improving memory, and encouraging concentration.