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Grade 1 Postcard project

Our Grade 1 students have been corresponding with students from a school in France. They wrote about themselves and their school and decorated postcards to be sent to their new pen pals.

Students discover new books at FASP’s libraries

FASP has extensive collections of French and English books in the Maternelle and Elementary/Middle School libraries. Students enjoy visiting once a week, where they can browse and borrow books to take home and enjoy. Maternelle students often read a story together, and older students share books they’ve enjoyed with the “coups de coeur.” Reading, and learning to love it, is important for building vocabulary, expanding the imagination, improving memory, and encouraging concentration.

How’s the weather? Grade 5 forum

At their forum this week, Grade 5 students presented about weather phenomena. They shared historical facts about hurricanes, scientific reasons behind lightning, showed how a tornado works, and more! Switching between languages to share their learnings, their hard work was evident!

Grade 1 forum: Circuits

Our Grade 1 students shared their recent projects with their parents at the forum this week. They used their public speaking skills while demonstrating how a circuit works. Parents got to see up-close the models students built of their classrooms with working lights! Bravo!

Take Flight at the Grade 2 forum

Our Grade 2 students presented their bilingual forum all about air. They described their experiments to discover the properties of air, like building kites and parachutes, submerging something in water, and weighing a balloon. They also talked about air pollution and sang the French song Vert L’Univers. Bravo!

Grade 3 forums: wonderful things about words

The Grade 3EB and 3SC forums showcased a creative play based on the book Dico Dingo, which our students read in class. When the family’s box of vocabulary words gets out of order, they start forgetting words and saying hilarious things. Students also did a humorous presentation of compound words and recited poems by Shel Silverstein. Bravo to our talented students!

Marc Boutavant

Children’s book author and illustrator to visit FASP in March

We are pleased to announce that the French children’s book author and illustrator Marc Boutavant will be visiting FASP on March 13. He will discuss his latest book, Dumpster Dog, co-written with Colas Gutman, with our students. Through its charmingly awkward canine protagonist Dumpster Dog, he shows kids that accepting differences is a key to better understanding one another.


Boutavant is well known for his bestselling children’s series “Around the World with Mouk” as well as his monthly “Ariol” comic strip in J’aime lire, a magazine for young readers.

Co-sponsored by the French American School of Princeton, the Princeton Public library and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Book Signing for FASP Students

A special book signing event will be held on Wednesday afternoon for our students. We invite all FASP Parents, Faculty and Staff to purchase the book they would like him to sign now (available at

Dumpster Dog
Chien Pourri (French version)
Chien Pourri à Paris (in French)
Chien Pourri fait du ski (in French)
Chien Pourri à l’école (in French)
Chien Pourri et sa bande (in French)
Chien Pourri à la ferme (in French)
Chien Pourri à la plage (in French)
Chien Pourri est amoureux (in French)
Joyeux anniversaire Chien Pourri (in French)
Chien Pourri millionaire (in French)

More books by Marc Boutavant (in English and in French)

Book Signing for the public

Talk & book signing at Princeton Public Library with Marc Boutavant who will discuss his latest book Dumpster Dog co-written with Colas Gutman from 6pm-7:30pm




Free and open to the public
For children ages 6 and up accompanied by adults

Learn more


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Grade 4RB and 4VR forums on future foods

Are crickets and algae the foods of the future? Grade 4RB and 4VR students taught us about taking care of the planet and future food sources during their bilingual forums. Bravo! 

“Coups de coeur” at the FASP library

Students have been recommending books to their friends by adding a heart sticker which explains why they loved the book. It’s great to discover new reads!

Galette des rois celebration

A common French tradition in January is the galette des rois, or kings cake. At FASP, we continue this tradition with our students every year. Our maternelle and middle school students baked their own cakes this year, and many elementary school parents also generously volunteered to make cakes. As always, it was a fun (and delicious!) moment to share together!

Rallye Mathématiques 2019 has begun!

Every year, the AEFE (network of French schools abroad) organizes a Math Rally for participating schools. Again this year, FASP’s elementary students are taking part! This year, the rally takes place over several weeks with three separate challenges. The first challenge was to play the game MasterMind, learning math skills which help you be successful in this puzzle-solving game. Stay tuned for details about the next challenge!

Grade 5 Reader’s Theater performance

Grade 5 students put on a Reader’s Theater performance for younger students, featuring the myth of Demeter and Persephone and how the seasons came to be. Bravo for an enthusiastic performance!

Thursday Workshops continue with new projects

The Thursday Workshops in elementary school are continuing all year. Students learn to plan and execute a project while learning new skills using new materials and techniques. Several new workshops have started recently, including work with microscopes, knitting, weaving, painting techniques, and theater.

Math Challenges in Grades 5 & 6

For several weeks, Grade 5 & 6 students gathered in teams to complete math challenges. At the end of the challenges, the teams with the most collective points were announced. These challenges encourage enthusiasm for problem-solving, give students a chance to work together, and help introduce Grade 5 students to new concepts in the middle school setting. Bravo to everyone for participating, and thank you to their teachers for coordinating!