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“Coups de coeur” at the FASP library

Students have been recommending books to their friends by adding a heart sticker which explains why they loved the book. It’s great to discover new reads!

Galette des rois celebration

A common French tradition in January is the galette des rois, or kings cake. At FASP, we continue this tradition with our students every year. Our maternelle and middle school students baked their own cakes this year, and many elementary school parents also generously volunteered to make cakes. As always, it was a fun (and delicious!) moment to share together!

Rallye Mathématiques 2019 has begun!

Every year, the AEFE (network of French schools abroad) organizes a Math Rally for participating schools. Again this year, FASP’s elementary students are taking part! This year, the rally takes place over several weeks with three separate challenges. The first challenge was to play the game MasterMind, learning math skills which help you be successful in this puzzle-solving game. Stay tuned for details about the next challenge!

Grade 5 Reader’s Theater performance

Grade 5 students put on a Reader’s Theater performance for younger students, featuring the myth of Demeter and Persephone and how the seasons came to be. Bravo for an enthusiastic performance!

Thursday Workshops continue with new projects

The Thursday Workshops in elementary school are continuing all year. Students learn to plan and execute a project while learning new skills using new materials and techniques. Several new workshops have started recently, including work with microscopes, knitting, weaving, painting techniques, and theater.

Math Challenges in Grades 5 & 6

For several weeks, Grade 5 & 6 students gathered in teams to complete math challenges. At the end of the challenges, the teams with the most collective points were announced. These challenges encourage enthusiasm for problem-solving, give students a chance to work together, and help introduce Grade 5 students to new concepts in the middle school setting. Bravo to everyone for participating, and thank you to their teachers for coordinating!


Grade 3 students have a Native American “potlach”

Finishing up their studies on Native Americans, our Grade 3 students had a traditional “potlach.” They read a poem, played a team guessing game, exchanged rock “carvings”, and enjoyed classmates’ totem poles while eating popcorn!

Reading Rally awards

This year’s reading rally during November finished up well, with all Grade 2-5 students reading a great number of books and enjoying the educational challenge. Congratulations to everyone who reached their goals of number of books read, achieved high scores on comprehension quizzes, and discovered new books!

Grades 1-8 Winter Festival 2018

Our elementary and middle school students spread the holiday cheer at their Winter Festival. New and familiar songs alike were sung and played on a variety of instruments.

Grade 1 students played Joy to the World on the handbells and sang Do Re Mi. Grades 2 & 3 sang Francophonie and danced to Rock Around the Clock. Grade 4 played recorders and sang Bring on the Snow. Grade 5 played a variety of instruments (harp, xylophone, keyboard) and Middle School sang a few songs full of holiday spirit.

Happy Holidays from the students at FASP! 

Grade 1 Forum: a trip to Australia

Our Grade 1 students took us on a trip to Australia during their fall forum! They told an aboriginal story in French and English accompanied by pictures they created. We heard a didgeridoo song, and students sang the French song Le Polyglotte. Wonderful job!

Grade 5 & 6 Défis Mathématiques (Math Challenges)

This month, Grade 5 & 6 students are coming together to solve math problems during the Défis Mathématiques. Working in groups, they get to know students in a different grade while honing their critical thinking and teamwork skills. This competition is organized by the AEFE, the organization which unites the network of French-accredited schools around the world. Our students join in with those of many other schools worldwide!

With activities like the Défis Mathématiques, our Grade 5 students become more familiar with the Middle School space and teachers, which facilitates an easier transition to Middle School next year. Awards will be given at the end of the month to the highest-scoring team!

Workshops Exposition November 2018

This year, elementary students are participating in Thursday afternoon Workshops. For several weeks, students work on developing a project or skill. Examples of these workshops include mosaics, basket weaving, orienteering, 3Doodler 3D drawing, film, sewing, robot programming, and more.

The goal of these workshops is for student to work on a project from start to finish, to develop their artistic sensibility, expression, motor skills, and ability to communicate. They also acquire a specific vocabulary on a new subject.

Our students proudly presented the fruits of their workshops so far this year during the Workshops Exposition this week. Now begins a new round of exciting workshops!

Dental Health Workshops

All our students learned about teeth today during the Dental Health workshops by Nesrine Bestandji at Canal Vista Family Dental. Students learned how to take care of their teeth, demonstrated flossing and brushing, and some learned how to repair teeth using composite.

Grade 2 Forum: A trip around the world

Our Grade 2 students took us on a trip around the world during their bilingual forum through a play with accompanying artwork scenes and a song! Listen to the original song by Les Enfantastiques here. Bravo Grade 2!

This year’s Reading Rally begins!

Again this year, all our elementary students are participating in the Reading Rally, a month-long reading competition in which students read and answer comprehension quizzes for as many books as they can. Both French and English books are available, and our students enjoy keeping track of their progress throughout the month.