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Grade 5 & 6 Défis Mathématiques (Math Challenges)

This month, Grade 5 & 6 students are coming together to solve math problems during the Défis Mathématiques. Working in groups, they get to know students in a different grade while honing their critical thinking and teamwork skills. This competition is organized by the AEFE, the organization which unites the network of French-accredited schools around the world. Our students join in with those of many other schools worldwide!

With activities like the Défis Mathématiques, our Grade 5 students become more familiar with the Middle School space and teachers, which facilitates an easier transition to Middle School next year. Awards will be given at the end of the month to the highest-scoring team!

Workshops Exposition November 2018

This year, elementary students are participating in Thursday afternoon Workshops. For several weeks, students work on developing a project or skill. Examples of these workshops include mosaics, basket weaving, orienteering, 3Doodler 3D drawing, film, sewing, robot programming, and more.

The goal of these workshops is for student to work on a project from start to finish, to develop their artistic sensibility, expression, motor skills, and ability to communicate. They also acquire a specific vocabulary on a new subject.

Our students proudly presented the fruits of their workshops so far this year during the Workshops Exposition this week. Now begins a new round of exciting workshops!

Dental Health Workshops

All our students learned about teeth today during the Dental Health workshops by Nesrine Bestandji at Canal Vista Family Dental. Students learned how to take care of their teeth, demonstrated flossing and brushing, and some learned how to repair teeth using composite.

Grade 2 Forum: A trip around the world

Our Grade 2 students took us on a trip around the world during their bilingual forum through a play with accompanying artwork scenes and a song! Listen to the original song by Les Enfantastiques here. Bravo Grade 2!

This year’s Reading Rally begins!

Again this year, all our elementary students are participating in the Reading Rally, a month-long reading competition in which students read and answer comprehension quizzes for as many books as they can. Both French and English books are available, and our students enjoy keeping track of their progress throughout the month.

Grade 5 Forum about Armistice Day

At their bilingual forum, our Grade 5 students taught us about Veterans’ Day/Armistice Day, a day that commemorates the end of WWI 100 years ago. The students read letters from soldiers, enacted an interview with Moina Michael, imagined the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, shared a song, and more. Bravo!

Grade 3 Forums: The Water Cycle & Properties of Water

Grade 3 students taught us all about the properties of water and the water cycle, which they’ve been studying via experiments, art projects, and even poetry. Their bilingual forums this week were a wonderful recap and a creative presentation in which students practice their speaking skills while sharing what they learned.

Grade 5 Trip to the Poconos

Our Grade 5 students took a trip to the Pocono Environmental Education Center last week. They enjoyed three days of nice fall weather while they explored and studied the surrounding nature. Activities included orienteering, team-building games, seeing snakes, turtles, and eagles in person, hiking, campfires, and more.

Learning French in FASP’s new En Route program

Students acquire French in a variety of ways in our new En Route program in Grade 1.

By listening to audio books in French, students practice their listening skills and become more familiar with pronunciation and vocabulary.

In art class, students learn to follow directions in a dynamic setting.

In French class, students practice their handwriting in “écriture” (writing) books.

The Kings and Queen of Jazz / Les Rois et reines du jazz

The Grade 4 classes presented the Kings and Queens of jazz in a variety of creative ways at their first 2018-19 forum. The forums are a meaningful learning experience, as students make connections between Music and History and practice public speaking skills. Bravo for the wonderful bilingual performances!

New Thursday Workshops

This year, elementary students are learning to plan and execute new creative projects during the Thursday afternoon workshops. Basket weaving, 3-D doodling, sewing, and robot programming are a few of the many things students will learn!

Math Challenges Awards

Our Grade 5 & 6 students participated in monthly Math Challenges all year long, working in groups to solve math problems. We handed out award certificates to the winning teams last week – it was a close competition! Congratulations to all participants!

Transition to Grade 1: Kindergarten students pay a visit

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Grade 1 is an important step for our students. To help them feel comfortable in their new class, Kindergarten students spend some time in the Grade 1 class to learn about life in elementary school. They read a story together, talk about homework, desks, and books, and try out the Smartboard.

Preparing for the End-of-the-year Exhibit

So much work and creativity goes in to preparing for the end-of-the-year exhibit! Grade 2 students put the finishing touches on their dream homes of the future during art class.

Graduation Celebration: Grade 5 & 8

We take time every year to celebrate our graduates, those moving up from elementary to middle school, and those graduating from FASP to go on to high school. Congratulations to all of our graduates this year, and thank you for the support of their families and teachers! We know you’re on to do great things!