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Color-mixing in Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten students found out how blue, red, and yellow can combine to make new colors while reading Couleurs by Hervé Tullet and mixing colored ice cubes!

Maternelle Gardening

The Maternelle garden, planted by our Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten students in the spring, has been growing well all season! This week students harvested canteloupe melons. The children learn to care for plants and to see where their food comes from!


Kindergarten Graduation

Our Kindergarten students celebrated the end of Maternelle at their graduation ceremony. You have all grown so much in the last year and are ready and well-prepared for First Grade! Congratulations!

Transition to Grade 1: Kindergarten students pay a visit

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Grade 1 is an important step for our students. To help them feel comfortable in their new class, Kindergarten students spend some time in the Grade 1 class to learn about life in elementary school. They read a story together, talk about homework, desks, and books, and try out the Smartboard.

Coding and Sequencing with Cubetto

Our Preschool class learns the foundational ideas of coding and sequences while using the robot Cubetto to play a game. Students take turns choosing tiles to create a sequence for Cubetto to follow and help Mr. Wolf travel over to the little pig’s house.

Planting in Preschool & PreK

New things are growing all around FASP! Our campus is green again and our Preschool and PreK students are learning about how plants grow. They planted seeds and have seen the vegetables and flowers growing. Our PreK students also planted flower seeds and decorated planters for Mother’s Day! Students learn to follow directions and care for the earth.

Shadow Hunting: Preschoolers explore their world

Our Preschool class enjoyed the sunlight while learning about shadows with new teacher Miss Lisa. They found triangle-shaped shadows, discovered their own, and created some with cutout shapes.

Maternelle Spring Celebration

Preschool, PreK, & Kindergarten students were excited to share with their parents the songs and dances they’ve learned and the goodies they baked!

Air is all around us : Science experiments in Pre-K & Kindergarten

Being “scientific” involves being curious, observing, asking how things happen and learning how to find the answers. For the past few weeks, Pre-K and Kindergarten students have developing an understanding of the properties of air through several simple experiments.

By observing what is happening, using words to describe what they notice, and repeating the action to compare results, they learned that air can move things, takes up space and has mass!

Preschool Ephemeral Art

Check out these ephemeral art sun catchers made by our Preschool class! A beautiful way to decorate the school entrance, feed the birds, and take advantage of this cold weather! 

Dec. 2: Book fair at Barnes & Noble

Come out and support FASP on Saturday, December 2nd between 10AM and 5PM!

The book fair is a fun, family event sponsored by the Parents’ Association.  20% of sales made using the book fair ID 12022017 goes towards our school. Plus, families have a chance to donate books for our school libraries too.

Book fair 2017


What can I buy at the Barnes & Noble FASP Book Fair?
Anything you’d expect to see at a book store: books, CDs, DVDs, etc. Consider purchasing a book from the school’s wish list to be donated to the school library for all students to use. Toys and games: B&N has a wide variety of toys and educational games for kids through age 12, including a good selection of Lego sets. Coffee, tea, snacks and lunch: The café at the book store offers a full café menu. The school will earn the rewards from food purchases at the café, too.  B&N gift cards are also available.

When you make your purchases, make sure you mention the FASP book fair ID 12022017.

What is the schedule for the day ?
We have lots of activities to keep you entertained while you are in the store!
10:30 – Story Time in French with Amélie
10:30 – Face painting (until 1pm)
1:00 – Story time with Gina Cascone & Bree Sheppard
2:00 – FASP Choir performance Grades 1-8
2:30 – Learn to sketch superheroes
3:00 – Origami craft
4:00 – Keychain craft

What if I can’t be at the Book Fair on December 2nd?
You can still participate by making your purchases online at from December 2 – December 7. When you check out, please reference the FASP Book fair ID 12022017

Please tell your friends and family to stop by on December 2 or shop online using the code.  Attached is a coupon to pass around.

Remember to wear your FASP T-Shirts!




Art Display at the Princeton Public Library

Stop by to see their work at the Princeton Public Library on Witherspoon Street in downtown Princeton (on the 3rd floor – children). Our school will be featured until December 3rd.

Art pieces on display were made by our students in Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten (3 to 5 years old).

FASP-MaternelleArtwork1FASP-MaternelleArtwork2 FASP-MaternelleArtwork3