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Why Choose a Bilingual Education ?

Head of School, Corinne Güngör, provides insights on the benefits of bilingual education and bi-literacy:

Article published in the PrincetonKIDS Magazine 2018-2019

As young parents, we were speaking with our first child’s pediatrician when he strongly advised us against speaking to him in our respective native languages. We looked at each other and smiled: we were going to disobey! That was 35 years ago.

Today, our four children are trilingual and proud to be so.

Their multilingualism has greatly benefited them in their social, professional, and intellectual lives. Their horizon is without limit; they find others to be a rich source of learning; and their ability to adapt is amazing. Here are the reasons:

When a child speaks, reads, or writes in two languages or more, his/her brain constantly passes from one mental structure to another. It undergoes a constant sort of gymnastics which habituates the bilingual individual to managing several tasks at once. What was once believed to cripple the brain in fact permits the acquisition and development of numerous competencies involving memory, reasoning, and problem-solving. The realms of perception and attention are widened. The bilingual/multilingual child is a better student, performs better than average, and acquires intellectual qualities which are valued by educational institutions as well as businesses.

Speaking, writing, and reading two or more languages facilitates communication and allows the student to meet and appreciate other people and cultures without fear or discomfort with encountering different ways of thinking and living. This unique and enriching experience promotes open-mindedness, a greater tolerance, and an increasing capacity for adaptation; these values and attitudes are indispensable in our rapidly-changing world.

Studying in two languages or more entails a different learning process that will benefit the child all his/her life. Over the years, the young learner assimilates linguistic structures which are often complex, sometimes contradictory. These structures are being built progressively and facilitate a more in-depth comprehension and more refined grasp of oral and written language. These two or three languages nourish each other. This sophisticated capability will be used in numerous fields throughout the years.

Speaking, reading, and writing in two or more languages is a long process. It takes as many years as acquiring one language. To choose a bilingual education for one’s child is a unique and challenging journey which requires continuity, an equal recognition of languages spoken at home and at school, and a particular link to adults who speak and teach these languages: the child must want to communicate with them. Finally, the family, even if the language is not spoken at home, should provide necessary support just as we do with other aspects of daily life with our children. Nothing good is built without affection and without encouragement.

Choosing a bilingual education for your child is a very good start in life.

Looking for more insights on the benefits of bilingual education?

Bilingual Education Benefits

Field Days 2018

Everyone participated in some friendly competition during our Field Days this week! The students learned about good sportsmanship while enjoying a day in the sun playing games. Water sports and the Middle School versus Teachers dodgeball game are always some highlights!

Middle School Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our Middle School Science Fair winners, which were announced at the Graduation ceremony.

Grade 6: Colin F. for his solar cell project. He designed and created his own working solar cell!

Grade 7: Zahra L. with her magnetic levitation train model. By adding magnets to the ends of a battery to simulate the train car, she could make it move through a copper coil tunnel. She also built a model metro station!

Grade 8: Maya N. for her research on Tesla coils. She learned about magnetic induction and proved her battery-powered loops would work by lighting a model city without wires!


Middle School Shakespeare

Our Middle School students presented some of their favorite Shakespeare scenes to younger students. Brought to life with costumes and humor, students enjoyed the quirky characters and funny plots.

Math Challenges Awards

Our Grade 5 & 6 students participated in monthly Math Challenges all year long, working in groups to solve math problems. We handed out award certificates to the winning teams last week – it was a close competition! Congratulations to all participants!

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

We said a huge thank you to all of our parent volunteers from this year at the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast.

Ice Cream Truck

To celebrate the last day of school, the Parents Association organized an ice cream truck to visit the school. Students all enjoyed a delicious afternoon treat.

Kindergarten Graduation

Our Kindergarten students celebrated the end of Maternelle at their graduation ceremony. You have all grown so much in the last year and are ready and well-prepared for First Grade! Congratulations!

2018 End-of-the-Year Exhibit

Our students and teachers put together a beautiful End-of-the-year Exhibit about life in the future. Heliotropic hotels, a model lunar city, future dream homes, and pneumatic machines were just a few things to be seen. Everyone enjoyed all their hard work and even some cotton candy, too!

Transition to Grade 1: Kindergarten students pay a visit

Transitioning from Kindergarten to Grade 1 is an important step for our students. To help them feel comfortable in their new class, Kindergarten students spend some time in the Grade 1 class to learn about life in elementary school. They read a story together, talk about homework, desks, and books, and try out the Smartboard.

Preparing for the End-of-the-year Exhibit

So much work and creativity goes in to preparing for the end-of-the-year exhibit! Grade 2 students put the finishing touches on their dream homes of the future during art class.

The Yearbooks are here!

Every year our students are so excited to receive their yearbooks, a beautiful assembly of photos and memories from the school year. Our talented team of parent volunteers have put together an amazing books again! Thank you for all your work!

Graduation Celebration: Grade 5 & 8

We take time every year to celebrate our graduates, those moving up from elementary to middle school, and those graduating from FASP to go on to high school. Congratulations to all of our graduates this year, and thank you for the support of their families and teachers! We know you’re on to do great things!

Coding and Sequencing with Cubetto

Our Preschool class learns the foundational ideas of coding and sequences while using the robot Cubetto to play a game. Students take turns choosing tiles to create a sequence for Cubetto to follow and help Mr. Wolf travel over to the little pig’s house.

Raising Global Citizens: Volunteering Actions at FASP

One of FASP’s values is nurturing the hearts of our students so they become courageous and compassionate citizens who respect their peers, the community, and the global environment. Students are encouraged to volunteer in the life of the school and to help when they can. Thank you to all our students who volunteered and helped make their school a better place! Initiatives this year have included: 

Middle School students reading books to Maternelle classes:

Recycling snack pouches:

Recycling classroom & office paper waste:

Naptime setup in Preschool:

Helping guide students during pick-up time: