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May 2016: Student-Led Humanitarian project

Our Grade 8 students successfully completed their Humanitarian project, Action contre la Faim (Action against Hunger), which allowed us to raise $7,000.
75 FASP students participated in the race at our school on May 20th, joining more than 286,000 students from 1,300 schools in France and abroad.
The funds raised by students in the Race Against Hunger directly help Action Against Hunger save the lives of malnourished people around the world.

What is the Race Against Hunger?
Similar to a walk-a-thon, the Race Against Hunger is a fun-run where students collect pledges and raise awareness in their communities. The primary aim of the Race is for students to engage in a fun activity that teaches them about global hunger while raising vital funds for Action Against Hunger’s life-saving programs around the world.


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May 2016: Kindergarten Visit, fun in First Grade!

FASP Kindergarten students visited First grade today, played a game on the smart-board, and wrote their names in cursive. They are showing what they know and that they are ready for First grade!



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Reykjavik Iceland Trip: an unforgettable experience!

Our Middle School students have returned from their end-of-year trip to Iceland.  Hiking along some of Iceland’s most famous volcanoes and waterfalls, seeing powerful geysers in action, discovering Icelandic life and culture while exploring Reykjavik, museums, and villages: it certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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April 2016: Science Fair

The FASP Science Fair is one of our favorite annual school traditions and a great work-show-and-tell experience. Participation empowers our students to think through the answers to their questions; it builds confidence, improving problem-solving and communication skills.

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April 2016: Keyboarding is an essential skill

Even during preschool years, children use computers and must be guided towards efficient keyboarding habits. Appropriate placement of keyboarding instruction in the elementary curriculum and reinforcement throughout their school years can provide the necessary foundation for the rest of our students’ lives.


April 2016: Presenting our First Intramural Soccer

Spring of 2016 has come, and with it, a new season for our intramural sports league: Soccer! This outdoor activity has one 10-week session where students meet one day per week on the sports field until 5pm. Participants learn and practice their skills, improve their techniques, and compete in games against one another – a nice blend of work and FUN!

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April 2016: Crazy Hair Day

Creativity and imagination went wild on Crazy Hair Day. As we greeted students we saw tall, flat, painted, glittered, twirled, braided, and spiked hair. Some students even had pencils, glow sticks, straws and many other items hanging from their hair!

Crazy Hair Day Crazy Hair Day1 Crazy Hair Day2 Crazy Hair Day3