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Parents Association Coffee Break & General Meeting – January 2019

The Parents Association hosted it’s January coffee break and general meeting today. Today’s coffee was complemented by a galette des rois, a traditional French treat this time of year.

The PA discussed past events such as the Maternelle playdate, Middle School bowling party, sweatshirt sales (with another sale coming up in March), the Book Fair, Michel Cluizel chocolate sales, and purchases made by the PA for Maternelle cooking, the Winter Festival decorations, and elementary school workshops.

Upcoming events include the Ice Skating party on February 24th and Book Sale during the Parent-Teacher conferences on March 2nd. Stay tuned for more details about those and other events!

Middle School technology supplies provided by the PA

The School Project for 2018-2021 is “Live together, imagine, create: express yourself.” One of the many components of this project is to help our Middle School students develop their critical thinking and conceptual skills. To that end, new projects have been put in place in which students design and create using a mix of art and technology.

The FASP Parents’ Association has allocated an annual contribution of $8,000 for the purchase of supplies and materials to be used by all grades. For the Middle School, these funds have mainly been used to purchase technology equipment such as a solar tracker and electricity power meters.

Maternelle cooking supplies provided by the PA

The School Project for 2018-2021 is “Live together, imagine, create: express yourself.” One of the many components of this project is to nurture our Maternelle (Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten) students’ exploration of their world. To that end, monthly cooking projects and shared meals have been put in place. Students learn about healthy eating habits and cooking skills by preparing and eating a meal together on a monthly basis.

The FASP Parents’ Association has allocated an annual contribution of $8,000 for the purchase of supplies and materials to be used by all grades. For the maternelle, these funds have mainly been used to purchase tools and utensils for cooking.

2018 FASP Book Fair

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for our 2018 Book Fair! Many families and friends of the school joined us at Barnes and Noble on December 1st for fun activities, holiday shopping, and supporting the school. Every year, purchases made on that day return a percentage back to the school, which we use to buy new books for our school library. Families also have a chance to purchase and donate a book on our library wish list.

Activities run throughout the day for kids and adults to enjoy. 

French and English storytimes by our teachers:

Face Painting

Sketch a Super Hero



Arts and Crafts, Coloring & Bookmark making

Scavenger Hunt and Raffle

The PA’s first Coffee Break 2018-19

The Parents Association’s first Coffee Break of the year took place on Friday – a great place to meet other parents, to hear more about the PA’s plans for the year, and to have a chance to volunteer. If you’re interested in getting involved this year, click here!

Thursday Workshop supplies provided by the PA

The School Project for 2018-2021 is “Live together, imagine, create: express yourself.” One of the many components of this project is to nurture students’ creativity and develop their skills in problem solving and following a procedure. To that end, the new Thursday Workshops have been put in place for Elementary grades, and other projects have been planned for the Maternelle and Middle School.

The FASP Parents’ Association has allocated an annual contribution of $8,000 for the purchase of supplies and materials to be used in classrooms and during the workshops.

Below you will learn how the funds raised last year have been recently spent to enrich these new projects.

Students learn to follow a procedure, use fine motor skills, and exercise creativity while completing various art projects like basket weaving, sewing, mosaics, and jewelry making.

Learning to navigate encourages critical thinking, develops spatial and mathematics skills, and gets kids outside!

Activities like 3Doodler and Origami Bots combine creativity and technology.

Parents Association Picnic

The entire school community gathered on the front lawn of the school on Friday to celebrate the start of another school year. This picnic is always a great chance to meet fellow parents, get to know the teachers, and enjoy a nice meal together while the kids enjoy time with friends. Thank you to the PA for organizing a wonderful event!

Ice Cream Truck

To celebrate the last day of school, the Parents Association organized an ice cream truck to visit the school. Students all enjoyed a delicious afternoon treat.

Dance Party & Movie Night

Elementary students had fun with friends after school hours at the Dance Party (Grades 3-5) and Movie Night (Grades 1 & 2)!

PA Coffee Break & Meeting

Our Parents Association had their last Coffee Break and general meeting of the school year. They reviewed the events and fundraising that have taken place this year, and they are looking ahead to next year. Thanks to the funds raised during this year’s events like the Book Fair and Book Sale, the PA will be making some purchases for the school to use next year. They are also looking for new volunteers to be a part of the board – let us know if you’re interested in getting further involved!

Ice Skating Party

What great fun and exercise our students and parents had at the FASP Ice Skating Party at Mercer County Park in February!

Dec. 2: Book fair at Barnes & Noble

Come out and support FASP on Saturday, December 2nd between 10AM and 5PM!

The book fair is a fun, family event sponsored by the Parents’ Association.  20% of sales made using the book fair ID 12022017 goes towards our school. Plus, families have a chance to donate books for our school libraries too.

Book fair 2017


What can I buy at the Barnes & Noble FASP Book Fair?
Anything you’d expect to see at a book store: books, CDs, DVDs, etc. Consider purchasing a book from the school’s wish list to be donated to the school library for all students to use. Toys and games: B&N has a wide variety of toys and educational games for kids through age 12, including a good selection of Lego sets. Coffee, tea, snacks and lunch: The café at the book store offers a full café menu. The school will earn the rewards from food purchases at the café, too.  B&N gift cards are also available.

When you make your purchases, make sure you mention the FASP book fair ID 12022017.

What is the schedule for the day ?
We have lots of activities to keep you entertained while you are in the store!
10:30 – Story Time in French with Amélie
10:30 – Face painting (until 1pm)
1:00 – Story time with Gina Cascone & Bree Sheppard
2:00 – FASP Choir performance Grades 1-8
2:30 – Learn to sketch superheroes
3:00 – Origami craft
4:00 – Keychain craft

What if I can’t be at the Book Fair on December 2nd?
You can still participate by making your purchases online at from December 2 – December 7. When you check out, please reference the FASP Book fair ID 12022017

Please tell your friends and family to stop by on December 2 or shop online using the code.  Attached is a coupon to pass around.

Remember to wear your FASP T-Shirts!




Lots of new books on our school library shelves!

Fundraising events and activities help us keep our shelves full of new books. Over the summer, we were able to add more than 250 new books to our library shelves! These new books allow our students access to the latest titles and the most up-to-date information on many topics. We are extremely grateful to the FASP Parents’ Association for their generous contribution to our libraries.

DSC_3534 DSC_3535 DSC_3542 DSC_3543 DSC_3545 DSC_3549 DSC_3550 DSC_3551

New musical instruments to support Music Curriculum

Music is a key component of every culture and serves as a way for people to connect with each other. Over the summer, we expanded our music program by acquiring new musical instruments for all our students in Maternelle, Elementary and Middle Schools.

With the generous support of the FASP-Parents’ Association, we purchased percussion sets, djembes, xylophones, keyboards and harps to develop and enhance the musical experience of all our students:


Back-To-School Picnic

Our Back-To-School picnic took place last Friday. We had a potluck meal together and the children from all classes were able to play on a field together. Many families attended and contributed to making the event both fun and successful. Thank you to the Parents’ Association for organizing it!