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Students discover new books at FASP’s libraries

FASP has extensive collections of French and English books in the Maternelle and Elementary/Middle School libraries. Students enjoy visiting once a week, where they can browse and borrow books to take home and enjoy. Maternelle students often read a story together, and older students share books they’ve enjoyed with the “coups de coeur.” Reading, and learning to love it, is important for building vocabulary, expanding the imagination, improving memory, and encouraging concentration.

Middle School technology supplies provided by the PA

The School Project for 2018-2021 is “Live together, imagine, create: express yourself.” One of the many components of this project is to help our Middle School students develop their critical thinking and conceptual skills. To that end, new projects have been put in place in which students design and create using a mix of art and technology.

The FASP Parents’ Association has allocated an annual contribution of $8,000 for the purchase of supplies and materials to be used by all grades. For the Middle School, these funds have mainly been used to purchase technology equipment such as a solar tracker and electricity power meters.

Grade 5 Trip to the Poconos

Our Grade 5 students took a trip to the Pocono Environmental Education Center last week. They enjoyed three days of nice fall weather while they explored and studied the surrounding nature. Activities included orienteering, team-building games, seeing snakes, turtles, and eagles in person, hiking, campfires, and more.