Dual-Language Program

Our bilingual and bicultural program provides a well-balanced combination of the French structured learning methodology and the American pedagogical approach that encourages self-confidence, creativity and the respect of others. The percentage of instruction between French and English is apportioned as follows:

  • 90/10 in Preschool (3 year-old program) and Pre-K (4 year-old program)
  • 80/20 in Kindergarten
  • 65/35 from First to Third Grade
  • 50/50 from Fourth to Eighth Grade

The cross-language transfer of skills takes place gradually over the years in order to insure a proper command of both languages.

Start your bilingual journey at FASP

We believe that young children that are exposed to a second (or third) language at an early age have a distinct academic advantage throughout life.
Early Childhood Program
Students entering First Grade with no prior French experience can enter our EnRoute program.
EnRoute Program

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