Elementary School

Our Elementary school program provides a well-balanced combination of the French structured learning methodology and the American pedagogical approach that encourages self-confidence, creativity, and the respect of others. The content of our curriculum meets the French governmental requirements and adheres to the standards-based system used in the elementary public schools of New Jersey.

The Elementary school program builds on the work done in Preschool and Kindergarten in order to give each child the ability to develop the necessary skills needed for his/her future education. This cannot happen without a good knowledge of the language: the key tool to freedom of thought. Main means of communication, language was omnipresent in Preschool activities, and language is now at the heart of learning at Elementary levels. Mastering the language is therefore the primary objective of the Elementary school.


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  1. Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, public schools receiving government funding are required to test and assess student progress each year. Individual states and not the federal government are required to develop their own set of standards by which they measure student progress.
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