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Actualités et évènements

Il se passe toujours quelque chose d’excitant à FASP et nous voulons vous aider à rester informés de l’actualité et évènements de l’école. Consultez cette page régulièrement car nous la mettons à jour fréquemment avec des annonces et des news importantes.


Grades 5 & 6 Math Challenge – April

Grades 5 and 6 students continue to work cooperatively in small groups to solve mathematical problems. We are proud to ...
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Yearbook Team

We are extremely grateful for our yearbook committee members and photographers for organizing the graduation and class photos today of ...
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The Week of Mathematics in Kindergarten

FASP Kindergarten students also participated in the week of mathematics last week! These math activities are perfect for helping young ...
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Personalized Yearbook: Order by May 1st

Spring has arrived and so will soon our yearbooks with our memories from this year! May 1st is the deadline ...
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Maternelle Field Trip to the Planetarium in Trenton

FASP Maternelle students went on a field trip this morning to visit the Planetarium at New Jersey State Museum in ...
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The Week of Mathematics in Grade 1B and Grade 5

Grades 1B and Grade 5 students also very much in involved in the math challenge! ...
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Grades 5-8 students are on their way to the McCarter Theatre !

The exotic Orient Express is about to go off the rails! With a locomotive full of suspects and an alibi ...
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The Week of Mathematics in Grade 1A

The Week of Mathematics continues today with students in grade 1A working hard to solve word problems: ...
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Week of Mathematics in grades 2A, 2B and 4A

The Week of Mathematics has started today at FASP! Students in grades 2A, 2B and 4A worked in small groups ...
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The Week of Mathematics takes place in Princeton too!

FASP Grade 1-5 students participate in the 6th edition of the Week of Mathematics organized by the French Ministry of ...
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Maternelle Spring Celebration

The arrival of spring certainly is something to sing about, and that's exactly what our Maternelle students did this morning ...
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Grade 5 Field Trip to the Poconos

Our Grade 5 students recently returned from a wonderful trip to the Poconos to learn to appreciate and better understand ...
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STARS of the month for January

FASP Stars of the month demonstrate excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, are well mannered, have a positive attitude ...
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Grade 7 Chemistry Experiments

Determination of Vitamin C Concentration by Titration: with this chemistry project, Grade 7 students were able to determine the vitamin ...
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Grades 5 & 6 Math Challenge – February

Grades 5 and 6 students continue to work cooperatively in small groups to solve mathematical problems. We are proud to ...
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Composer research projects in Grade 5

Grade 5 students proudly presenting their composer research projects. Congratulations to all! ...
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Grades 1-4 Field Trip

Grades 1-4 students on a very exciting field trip to the Robot Revolution, the new exhibit at The Franklin Institute! ...
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STARS of the month for December

FASP Stars of the month demonstrate excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, are well mannered, have a positive attitude ...
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Grades 5 & 6 Math Challenges

From January to June, Grades 5 and 6 students work cooperatively in small groups to solve mathematical problems. We are ...
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Galettes des rois in Maternelle

Students in Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten prepared their own “galettes des rois” in class yesterday, and ate them this afternoon ...
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Lots of queens and kings today!

A very big thank you to all Grades 1-8 parents who generously made these delicious “galettes des rois” for the ...
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PA Coffee break and Galettes des rois

The first Coffee break of 2017 hosted by the Parents Association was well attended this morning! The traditional French "Galettes ...
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Gr.5&6: “Junior Ambassadors” project (Ambassadeurs en herbe)

Speaking, arguing and debating effectively are among the skills students learn in the Middle School curriculum. Today, Grades 5 and ...
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Lots of books to enrich our two libraries, thank you all!

We wanted to thank all the parents and those in charge from the Parents Association who offered another wonderful Book ...
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STARS of the month for November

FASP Stars of the month demonstrate excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, are well mannered, have a positive attitude ...
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Maternelle: Winter Celebration

The past few weeks, students in Preschool and Kindergarten have been actively learning a lot about Winter through various activities ...
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The International MarCom Awards 2016 presented FASP with the Gold Trophy

The International MarCom Awards 2016 presented the French American School of Princeton with the Gold Trophy for the quality of ...
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First Tennis Table Competition

The first tennis table competition between teachers and Middle School students was held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last week! It's ...
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Grades 1-8: Winter Celebration

Elementary and Middle School students performed Winter-related songs this morning to celebrate the holiday season with all its snow, dressing ...
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Dec. 3: Book fair at Barnes & Noble

Our next big event is the Barnes & Noble Book Fair. Come out and support FASP on Saturday, December 3rd ...
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Gr. 1A&B Forum: A fun and entertaining journey about food

Food jeopardy, Tour de France of vegetables and fruits, visit to the farm and food expressions: A fun and entertaining ...
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Forum Grade 4B: The Story of Chocolate

People have been enjoying chocolate for more than 4,000 years! While studying the history of the world’s favorite treat, Grade ...
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Artwork on display at the Princeton Public Library

Come see our students’ artwork on display at the Princeton Public Library on Witherspoon Street in downtown Princeton (on the ...
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Forum Grade 4A: The most bizarre food-based French idioms!

Do you know what means “Tomber dans les pommes” (falling into the apples) ou “Se faire rouler dans la farine” ...
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Mock Election 2016

Grades 3-8 students spent weeks learning about the election process, covering everything from requirements for president to the candidates’ platforms ...
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Gr. 2A&B Forum: Food Idioms and Cuisine from around the world

Food has tremendous impact on language and culture. Grade 2A students learned to use food-related expressions to say all kinds ...
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Grade 5 Forum: Let’s eat smart!

Teaching nutrition to children throughout their educational experience is key to developing healthy eating habits. This morning, Grade 5 students presented ...
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Happy Halloween!

FASP students and faculty had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween. We really enjoyed seeing everyone’s creative costumes! ...
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Grades 6-8 Field Trip to D&R Canal State Park

The Delaware and Raritan Canal (D&R Canal) is a canal in central New Jersey, built in the 1830s that served ...
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Grade 3 Forum

A dramatization of the book by Claude Ponti "Blaise et le château d'Anne Hiversère" Today is not a day like any ...
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Two newly renovated libraries

Since the beginning of October, FASP has two newly renovated libraries thanks to the generous donations made through the 15th ...
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Coffee Break for Parents

The FASP Parents Association hosted a Welcome Coffee this morning to kick off the new school year. Former President, new ...
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Welcome Back Picnic

Every year, the FASP community gathers to kick-off the school year with a fun, family-friendly picnic. Students, siblings, parents, and ...
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Welcome to our new students and their family

New Student Orientation Meeting today: 51 new students and their family visited their classrooms and met with their teachers and ...
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June 2016: Field Day!

Everyone had a blast at our 2nd Annual Field Day! The day started with a Relay Race, then classes rotate ...
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May 2016: Student-Led Humanitarian project

Our Grade 8 students successfully completed their Humanitarian project, Action contre la Faim (Action against Hunger), which allowed us to ...
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May 2016: Kindergarten Visit, fun in First Grade!

FASP Kindergarten students visited First grade today, played a game on the smart-board, and wrote their names in cursive. They ...
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Reykjavik Iceland Trip: an unforgettable experience!

Our Middle School students have returned from their end-of-year trip to Iceland. Hiking along some of Iceland's most famous volcanoes ...
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May 2016: In the Style of Picasso by Grade 4 Students

The artworks were very successful and the students were proud of their Picasso Self-Portraits!   ...
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May 2016: Transition to Middle School

Today, Grade 5 students experienced a modified Grade 6 schedule, and toured our new middle school space to be opened ...
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April 2016: Science Fair

The FASP Science Fair is one of our favorite annual school traditions and a great work-show-and-tell experience. Participation empowers our ...
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April 2016: Keyboarding is an essential skill

Even during preschool years, children use computers and must be guided towards efficient keyboarding habits. Appropriate placement of keyboarding instruction ...
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April 2016: Art Class in the style of Kandinky

Grade 6 students creating their own original abstract art work inspired by the famous Wassily Kandinsky! ...
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April 2016: Presenting our First Intramural Soccer

Spring of 2016 has come, and with it, a new season for our intramural sports league: Soccer! This outdoor activity ...
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April 2016: Book signing with Sébastien Chebret

The long awaited moment has finally arrived!! ...
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April 2016: Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and students writing their names around the border: ...
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Crazy Hair Day

April 2016: Crazy Hair Day

Creativity and imagination went wild on Crazy Hair Day. As we greeted students we saw tall, flat, painted, glittered, twirled, ...
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April 2016: Fresco Decoration!

Each student contributes to the work of art! Work in progress.. ...
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April 2016: Preparation of the fresco painting

On day 2: background preparation of the fresco painting! ...
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April 2016: Sébastien Chebret is here at FASP!

On his first day at FASP, Sebastien Chebret met all our students, introduced himself and his work as children's book ...
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April 2016: Accreditation Renewal

The MSA Visiting Team has now left our school. They presented their final report to Board members, Faculty and Staff, ...
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April 2016: Recycling Team in Action

Encouraging our students to become responsible individuals, understanding their impact as well as their power to protect the environment! Each ...
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April 2016: Interactive whiteboards enhance classroom instruction and learning

Using Technology in Grade 5: Students demonstrate their knowledge by taking multiple choice tests with the help of an interactive ...
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April 2016: Performing Arts in Middle School

In Middle School, Performing Arts Class is designed as an introduction to creative drama and performance theatre. FASP Middle School ...
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March 2016: Meaningful Technology Integration in Early Childhood Education

Using Technology with Kindergarten Students: iPads in the classroom support students in building literacy and math skills at individual levels ...
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March 2016: PreK-1 Students’ Artwork

Colorful artwork using geometric shapes in Preschool ...
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March 2016: FASP Intramural – Final Basketball Practice

FASP Intramural Basketball season has recently ended. "I am very proud of these group of students and how much they have ...
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March 2016: Grade 4 Reading Rally

Reading Rally at FASP: a reading competition which promotes a love of reading by placing an emphasis on reading comprehension ...
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March 2016: Children’s book illustrator Sébastien Chebret to visit FASP in April!

Sébastien Chebret has illustrated more than 50 books for children but also book fair and youth event posters. During the ...
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March 2016: Yearbook Announcement

FASP, the Parents’ Association and the Yearbook Committee are very excited to announce that we have chosen a NEW Yearbook ...
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March 2016: Proudly presenting our new logo

After the work done over the summer reflecting on our vision, FASP is proud to present its new logo. Based ...
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February 2016: Gr.5 Students Field Trip to Quebec

Grade 5 students recently returned from a wonderful trip to Quebec, with very exciting indoor and outdoors activities: ...
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February 2016: Chinese New Year Celebration

Grade 1B students' artwork: Chinese New year Celebration ...
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February 2016: Developing Environment Awareness in Early Childhood (2)

Developing Environment Awareness in Early Childhood at FASP. Preschool and Kindergarten students use recycled material for their arts and craft activities ...
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February 2016: Developing Environment Awareness in Early Childhood (1)

Developing Environment Awareness in Early Childhood at FASP. Preschool and Kindergarten students use recycled material for their arts and craft activities ...
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February 2016: Early morning snowfall

The sun comes back out after an early morning snowfall in Princeton! FASP was open as usual today: ...
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February 2016: Students’ Artwork

Exploring the art of of African Masks by Grade 7 students ...
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January 2016: Talent Show

Congratulations to our talented students for participating in our Talent Show. And Thank you to our hostesses for presenting this ...
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January 2016: Snow Art

FASP Grade 7 students get creative with snow!   ...
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January 2016: Student Artwork

Kindergarten-A Artwork: illustrating the Winter season in the style of Megan Aaron Duncanson: ...
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January 2016: “Galette des rois” Celebration

Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten students celebrating "La galette des rois" ...
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January 2016: FASP-PA Coffee Break

This Friday, the Parents' Association is hosting a Coffee Break with "Galettes des rois", prepared by Anne-Renee. An event not ...
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Sport Spirit Day

January 2016: Team Spirit Day

Just a few pics from yesterday, great participation and good sport team spirit! Way to Go FASP Students! ...
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December 2015: Passive Fundraiser

Still shopping for holiday gifts ? Continue to support FASP every time you shop at Amazon by accessing their website ...
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December 2015: Dance-A-Thon!

Dance-A-Thon this afternoon! Congratulations to all our students and faculty for their participation and great performance on stage!! ...
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December 2015: Grades 5-8 School Trip Fundraising: “Lunch served by parents”

Grades 5-8 School Trip Fundraising: "Lunch served by parents", one of the different fundraising projects to help reduce the cost ...
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December 2015: Holiday Music Show

Middle School students welcoming the Winter Season with songs and cheer! ...
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December 2015: Author and Psychologist Robert Evans Lecture at FASP

Nurture. Structure. Latitude. These were simple, yet powerful, parenting principles Robert Evans, a noted clinical psychologist and a child and family ...
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December 2015: Art Display at the Princeton Public Library

Come see our students’ artwork on display at the Princeton Public Library on Witherspoon Street in downtown Princeton (on the ...
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December 2015: B&N Book Fair

Our Barnes and Noble book fair on Saturday was a big success! A huge crowd of FASP families joined us ...
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December 2015: Middle School Students in NY

FASP Middle School students visiting the Headquarters of the United Nations yesterday     ...
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November 2015: Grade 1B Forum

Grade 1B Forum: Leaving Together / Vivre ensemble ...
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November 2015: Grade 1A Forum

Grade 1A Forum: Leaving Together / Vivre ensemble ...
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November 2015: Buck’s Country Children’s Museum

Kindergarten students visiting the Buck's Country Children's Museum ...
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November 2015: Grade 2B Forum

"Johnny Appleseed" Forum Grade 2B: being a good citizen is important! ...
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November 2015: PreK-2 Forum

"The Ugly Duckling" Forum PreK2: helping young children understand the importance of kindness ...
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November 2015: Grade 2A Forum

"I love, the teacher dislikes" Forum Grade 2A: encouraging respectful behavior in the classroom ...
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November 2015: Grades 6-8 Forum

Engaging a new generation of global citizens: FASP Middle School students advocating for the fight against hunger, poverty, homeless ...
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October 2015: Halloween

FASP Students getting into the spirit of Halloween by celebrating with a costume parade! ...
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October 2015: Grade 5 Forum

Practicing public speaking has helped our students gain confidence. Even more impressive when the presentation is given in two languages ...
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