Tuition Fees & Financial Aid

Tuition Fees

French American School of Princeton prides itself on providing an exceptional educational experience for its students at one of the most reasonable levels of tuition for a private, independent school in Princeton (NJ).

A non-refundable deposit is due with enrollment contract. Payment could be annual, biannual or monthly. A Tuition Refund Plan protecting your investment is included in the annual cost. Participation is mandatory for all families.

Tuition Fees & Payment PlansDewar Tuition Refund Plan

Tuition billing and payments is managed online through FACTS, a Tuition Management and Payment Processing company.

FACTS a Nelnet CompanyTo set up a new plan online, view and modify your account information, view your payment schedule, or make additional online payments, please click here or on the FACTS icon. Only one account needs to be set up per family.

For additional information regarding the FACTS payment options, please contact the Administration Office.


Financial Aid
Parents of French students may be eligible for scholarships from the French government.

Terms and conditions: Scholarship is awarded on the basis of the financial need. It may cover full or partial cost of the tuitions. To be eligible, the child must be of French nationality, reside with their family (father or mother, guardian) in the consular district where the school attended is located, be registered as French nationals living abroad at the Consulate General of NY, turn three years old by the end of the calendar year and attend a school accredited by the French Department of Education.

For more information, visit the Social Services of the French Consulate

In addition to scholarships only granted to French Nationals by the French Government, a Financial Aid program based on economic need is also available to all families.

Applications for tuition assistance are confidential and considered independently of the admissions process. Before applying for financial aid, students must be properly registered at the school and their accounts must be in good standing. French nationals must apply first for the French Government’s scholarships prior to applying for aid from the school. To help us make fair and objective financial aid decisions, we use School and Student Services (SSS) by NAIS as a trusted third party. SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools used by more than 2,400 K-12 schools and other organizations across the country to help assess a family’s ability to pay school costs.

Based on financial information you provide, SSS gives us an estimate of the amount of tuition assistance you need. Our school has limited resources for this program, we may not be able to meet the level of assistance needed.

To be eligible for consideration, a completed Parents’ Financial Aid Statement (PFS) and all supporting documents must be received by SSS by NAIS by the 28th of February. FASP school code is 144899.

All applications are considered in the strictest confidence. The school will communicate its decision to each family shortly after receiving the SSS report.

To complete the PFS online, go to the SSS website. There is a $48 registration fee for this service, payable online on the SSS website. All supporting documents required can be uploaded directly to the SSS website.