15-Year Anniversary Gala

Thank you for making our gala a success!

Words cannot express how truly grateful we are for having so many people join us for our 15th Anniversary Benefit Gala. It was great to see everyone dressed up and celebrating our 15 years of excellence in bilingual education.
Thank you to all our sponsors, class liaisons, volunteers and everyone who played their part in making our Gala not only a great event, but our most successful yet.

We also wanted to give a special thanks to our host and master of ceremonies Laurene Isip Scheire for making sure the night was a success, Jerry Ford for your memorable and moving speech, Cecilia Rouse for your inspirational perspective on bilingual education, Oksana Kessous for the angelic sounds of your harp and flute duet, The Philly Quartet for your incredible performance, and of course Thomas F. Marshall for photographing our evening with your unbelievable talent!

We will be updating you this week and next week with results.

Photo credit: Thomas F. Marshall