In mid-May, our Grade 8 students will be traveling to the island of Bermuda for their class trip. The island will be beautiful and the weather will surely be pleasant, but our students are going with another focus: to study plastic pollution in our oceans. They will visit local organizations to learn what work is being done, how to help, and they’ll see firsthand the impact that human activity has on marine life.

In preparation for their trip, our students have been studying the problem of plastic pollution in Bermuda and around the world. Their winter forum showcased some of their research, and they recently visited the Grade 5 class to lead a workshop in reusing recycled plastic materials.

This trip is linked to the students’ community project as a component of their education in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. This community project is an integral part of an IB education, in which students raise awareness of an issue. Our students will return from their trip to share with the FASP community what they’ve learned and to raise awareness of the plastic pollution problem.

Stay tuned for an update after their trip!

Learn more about the IB MYP community project learning goals here: