A Word From the Head of School

Dear FASP Community,

At the French American School of Princeton, our values stand for inclusion, acceptance and embracing a warm and diverse school community. With that said, we are heartbroken regarding the recent tragedies resulting in the passing of Mr. George Floyd and other people of color throughout this nation.

Within the halls of FASP, we teach our students to feel at home in the world. However in recent news, we’ve seen that racial discrimination and injustice continually occurs throughout our nation. We wish that people of color felt safe, secure and embraced by others. 

We recognize that this is currently not the case, and we stand for change.

Together using our voices, we must advocate for change within our nation and for justice to be served where all events of injustice presents itself. We understand that this is no easy task, but together we can educate others while working towards creating a safe and welcoming world.

We wish everyone moments of clarity, peace and most importantly, respect and appreciation for others during this trying time. 


Corinne Güngör
Head of School