Grade 8 Students Awarded “Best Newcomer” in NJ Regional Future City Competition

Did you hear? Students in grade 8 were recently awarded “Best Newcomer” at the New Jersey State “Future City” Competition. The eighth-graders, named Team Alkina, were led by FASP STEM Teacher, Ms. Jill.

Since October 2020, students in grade 8 collaboratively worked on their project for the competition. The student-ran project required competitors to create a project plan, an essay, a slide show, scale models and a video presentation. In addition, three students within the group participated in a Q&A session with judges, who asked questions about their project.

Team Alkina chose to work together as an entire team, which allowed them to delegate and divide pivotal tasks to one another. As key components of the project, students were involved in all phases of city planning, including transportation, infrastructure, zoning, food and energy production, education, form of government, city size and scientific facilities. While working together, students were able to recognize both the pros and cons of working within a large group, such as meeting important deadlines and agreeing on concept ideas.

Students in grade 8 feel that the competition was an interesting experience, as it was their first time ever competing in the competition.

“It was a good learning experience,” said Raphael, of Grade 8. “Working together made me feel less alone when doing important tasks.”

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