FASP Celebrates Head of School Corinne Güngör

Over the past several months, the Corinne Güngör “Celebration Planning Committee” has worked to plan a few events designed to honor and celebrate our current Head of School (HOS). As she wraps up her two-decade role as HOS, here’s a recap of some of our events so far:

  • Signs on Campus – To kick off the series of events, you can find the lettering “FASP 20 Years, Merci Corinne” on our campus.

  • Balloon Surprise – Middle school students filled Corinne’s office with balloons! During the morning surprise, our Head of School headed to her office to begin working, only to see that her office was filled with a colorful array of balloons!

  • Peonies Planted – Peonies were planted outside, along the front entrance walkway of the school! While these are some of our Head of School’s favorite flowers, it is certainly a beautiful addition to our campus. Take a look as she received the surprise!

  • Lantern Display – Upon Corinne’s arrival at school, she was greeted with a beautifully decorated hallway filled with colorful lanterns.

Stay tuned for more events celebrating our Head of School!