FASP Alumni Spotlight: Swas Goel

An in-depth interview with alumni as they reflect on their time at the French American School of Princeton (FASP). Although FASP Alumnus Swas Goel recently graduated from high school, he still finds his academic success stemming from the French American School of Princeton. 

A student holding his diploma outside

FASP Alumnus Swas Goel holds his diploma after his graduation ceremony.

After moving to the U.S. from Canada in 2017, Swas joined FASP as an eighth-grader. Since Swas was a new student in middle school, he feels that the small class size helped him become quickly acquainted with his peers.

“There were eight students in my class,” said Swas. “It helped me integrate myself into the class while getting to know my classmates better.”

Aside from being new to the FASP school community, Swas knew that speaking, learning and collaborating in French on a daily basis would be challenging, yet rewarding.

“Talking in French every day was very useful,” said Swas. “The math in French was very advanced, which helped prepare me for high school ahead of my next school year.”

Upon completion of FASP, Swas entered Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science. There, he took Advanced Placement French only as a Freshman, in addition to successfully completing AP Spanish and AP Chinese throughout his years at the school.

“Being multi-lingual helps you talk with more people,” said Swas. “It is another way to enter someone else’s culture while helping you learn more about others.”

Aside from his academic successes throughout middle and high school, Swas also acted in a bilingual French Theatre Group at Princeton University with undergraduate and graduate students.

2021 high school graduate Swas Goel holds his diploma after his graduation ceremony

This fall, Swas is headed to Rutgers University and is enrolled in the PharmD Program. While acceptance to this program is often rare as an incoming Freshman, a combination of his academic achievements, extracurricular activities and volunteerism helped him to be chosen for the program.

Although Swas is entering university this fall, he still offers a bit of advice for other students.

“It is important to know what your interests are,” said Swas. “I found what I love to do through French, which provided me an appreciation of other languages.”