Art, Travel, and History

Grade 1 students are working on a bilingual and interdisciplinary project linking French and English language arts, social studies, and art. This project started with reading The Wolf Who Solved the Mystery of the Missing Mask, by Orianne Lallemand (“Le loup qui enquêtait au musée”), which tells the story of a famous wolf leading an investigation inside a museum.

Through this project, students are learning a lot about artists and their works, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Velasquez, Arcimboldo, Pablo Picasso, Pompon, and H.A. Jacquemart. They will study the artists’ countries of origin and learn about different historical periods through artworks from prehistory and ancient Egypt.

The first painting the students discovered was The Mona Lisa. After studying it, they recreated their own Mona Lisa, using a mix of collage and crayons. They also enjoyed a virtual visit of Paris and the Louvre Museum. Their next stop is Italy!

So stay tuned to travel along with our first-grade students!