Marathon Team Challenge

During the September and October months, students in grades three through eight trained in endurance running. They got to know their bodies, paced their effort, and defined a running strategy accounting for their psychological, respiratory, muscular and cardiac sensations. They experienced and accepted the effects of physical training and fatigue. They advised and encouraged each others.

Noting that the students were fully invested in the activity and improved a lot, FASP P.E. teacher, Quentin Bacq, decided to challenge them to run the distance of a marathon, or 42.195 km, as a class, with each student contributing in accordance to their ability.

The students rose to the challenge! 5th and 6th-grade students ran a total of 59.2 km together, 7th and 8th-grade students ran a total of 52.2 km, 3rd-grade students ran a total of 47.7 km, and 4th graders ran a total of 43.2 km. Congratulations to all! We are very proud of you!