The Tasting Week (La semaine du goût)

La semaine du goût or Tasting Week is an annual event in France that gives children the opportunity to discover healthy produces and new flavors.

This year at FASP, we embarked the students on a colorful adventure, discovering a rainbow of fruits and vegetables each day of the week. It was a team effort, as parents and children were on board to make all the teachers’ ideas come to fruition. Day after day, we all made the same observation: children, encouraged by each other, were opened to new foods, new smells, new textures, and new flavors. They tried everything willingly!

This project was very successful as children overcame their fear of new food. They enriched their tasting buds as well as their vocabulary. We encourage you to continue at home to introduce new ingredients and flavors to your recipes.

Thank you to all the parents whose help made this project a wonderful moment of conviviality! Enjoy the slide show below!