Art Reinterpretation at the Middle School

In grade 6, students revisited some classic artworks. Observing the paintings, they had to imagine what could have happened before. Why is there a giant head floating? Why are the waves so strong? Why does the man have a pitchfork? Why is there an apple in front of his face? Why does he have all this fruit on him? Then, they created an illustration of what could have happened, providing a fresh perspective on these artworks.

In grade 7, students studied cubism, its principles, and how to apply them to photography. They reflected on the relation between the human body and artistic production through the lens of “resemblance and transformation.” This reflection led them to reinterpret the art of the portrait and produce quirky and deconstructed photographic portraits.

In grade 8, students worked on opposites. They created artworks illustrating the expression “opposites attract.” Using a variety of media, they were able to express their individual take on this expression.