Kindergarten Rituals

School rituals are composed of repeated moments of a short-duration activity. Frequency and regularity allow students to become comfortable with the activity, increase their autonomy, and gradually master the activity.

Beginning in November, the Kindergarten class has been working on its morning rituals which include three activities:

  1. The calendar
  2. The attendance
  3. The encoding of syllables and simple words

Each morning, students write the date, taking note of the division of the week between schooldays and weekends, the evolution of the seasons, and the holidays which structure the year. It helps them further develop their sense of time.

Then, they take roll call and work on their math skills: how many students are absent compared to the total number of students in the class, how many boys, how many girls. It’s an opportunity to apply the concepts of addition and subtraction.

Students are now also doing simple dictation of letters and encoding tests (syllables and simple words). They come up with simple sentences that they dictate to their teacher. Then the children copy them on their slate or the classroom windows. These attempts at independent writing allow young students to access reading and practice their graphic skills.