Cross-Cultural Connections Among the Many Benefits of Bilingual Education

Cross Cultural Teacher Exchange One of the many benefits of bilingual education at the French American School of Princeton is the opportunity not only to learn another language but to discover and learn about different cultures as well. “French American School of Princeton has long taken advantage of teacher exchange programs that allow certified teachers from other French-speaking countries to be a part of the FASP family, teaching at the school and living in the greater Princeton area,” said Dominique Velociter, FASP Head of School.

Teacher exchange programs are designed to promote and enhance mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries. Exchange teachers sharpen their professional skills and participate in cross-cultural activities in schools and communities, and they return home after the exchange to share their experiences and increased knowledge of the United States and the U.S. educational system. This exchange enables teachers from other countries to understand U.S. culture, society, and teaching practices at the primary and secondary levels, and enhance U.S. students’ knowledge of other cultures, customs, and teaching approaches.

As part of the exchange program, teachers are asked to design several activities outside of the school environment to promote greater cultural understanding in the community.Magritte project at Plainsboro Public Library

Georges Meis, a native of Belgium, currently teaches Second Grade French and Fourth Grade Math at FASP. He recently designed and held an event at the Plainsboro Public Library to teach children about his home country and one of its greatest artists René Magritte. During the activity, he taught participants about Belgium, where the country can be found on a world map, and some of the things that Belgium is noted for in the U.S. (waffles, fries). He also presented a lesson on Magritte, his life, surrealism, and his painting style. The participants then had the opportunity to try their hand at painting in the style of Magritte.

“It’s exciting to teach American children about my home country,” said Georges. “As a primary school teacher in Belgium and now in the U.S., I’m amazed every day by children’s thirst for knowledge in any language. They are eager to explore the world and I’m honored to teach in a school that values this kind of cross-cultural exchanges.”


FASP’s rigorous and meaningful blend of both French and American curriculums meets and exceeds both French governmental and New Jersey Public School standards-based requirements. FASP incorporates both academics, including literature, science, STEM, art, music, physical education and social-emotional learning, and the careful selection of highly qualified educators who steward students through their academic journeys. FASP is committed to a program of academic excellence designed to train the mind, strengthen the character, and enrich the spirit of each student through the benefits of bilingual learning.

With between 150-180 students, FASP is small by design to ensure that students and their families are supported in their bilingual education. FASP takes pride in the multicultural community of families who value the gift of a bilingual education and come together to support our mission. FASP graduates are extremely well prepared for high school and attend many prestigious International, American or French private or public schools following graduation.

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