Kindergarten Rituals

Kinder Morning Ritual 3

School rituals are composed of repeated moments of a short-duration activity. Frequency and regularity allow students to become comfortable with the activity, increase their autonomy, and gradually master the activity. Beginning in November, the Kindergarten class has been working on its morning rituals which include three activities: The calendar The attendance The encoding of syllables…

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Budding Scientists in Elementary

Grade 4 Science 5

At the elementary level, students in grades 2 and 4 were busy experimenting in their science class. Second graders learned about the properties of different materials. Then they realized an experiment: they tested which surface would soak up water the fastest between cement, soil, and grass. Pouring an equal quantity of water on each element,…

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Art Reinterpretation at the Middle School

Before Grant Wood

In grade 6, students revisited some classic artworks. Observing the paintings, they had to imagine what could have happened before. Why is there a giant head floating? Why are the waves so strong? Why does the man have a pitchfork? Why is there an apple in front of his face? Why does he have all…

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The Tasting Week (La semaine du goût)

Maternelle Testing Week

La semaine du goût or Tasting Week is an annual event in France that gives children the opportunity to discover healthy produces and new flavors. This year at FASP, we embarked the students on a colorful adventure, discovering a rainbow of fruits and vegetables each day of the week. It was a team effort, as…

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Marathon Team Challenge

Marathon Challenge Award 5

During the September and October months, students in grades three through eight trained in endurance running. They got to know their bodies, paced their effort, and defined a running strategy accounting for their psychological, respiratory, muscular and cardiac sensations. They experienced and accepted the effects of physical training and fatigue. They advised and encouraged each…

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Our Bilingual Big Green Monsters

Big Green Monster

French and English teachers developed a bilingual project in the preschool class where students learned about their bodies. They acquired new French and English vocabulary about the various facial features and colors. This project stemmed from the album Go Away Big Green Monster! (Va-t’en grand monster vert !) by Caldecott Award-winning author Ed Emberley. After…

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The Empathy Project

Grade 7 Inventors at work

This year’s primary focus in STEM class is on purposeful inventions, designing something useful or even life-changing. In grade 7, students started a project designing a practical assistive or adaptive device. For this first project, students learned about the engineering process of Ask, Think, Make, Test. They need to figure out the device’s purpose, devise…

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Art, Travel, and History

Learning about the Mona Lisa

Grade 1 students are working on a bilingual and interdisciplinary project linking French and English language arts, social studies, and art. This project started with reading The Wolf Who Solved the Mystery of the Missing Mask, by Orianne Lallemand (“Le loup qui enquêtait au musée”), which tells the story of a famous wolf leading an…

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The Importance of Bilingual Education by IHOS Dominique Velociter

Read about Dominique’s passion for bilingual education and her outlook on the new school year, in the Q&A below: Q: Where did you begin your journey in bilingual education? A: I began my journey in bilingual education unexpectedly, as a mother, raising bilingual children. I was amazed at the development of their language learning process,…

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Meet Elena: FASP’s New Administrative Assistant

Elena is the new cheerful face of our front office: FASP’s Administrative Assistant is an international, quadrilingual woman who speaks English, French, Russian and Bulgarian. Prior to joining the team at FASP, Elena worked as a photographer. During her time as a photographer, she captured photographs of students ranging from Pre-K through Grade 12. As she is familiar…

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