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Field Trip to the Rainbow Fish

Our Maternelle students recently went to the NJ State Theater to see a fun show of the Rainbow Fish. They love getting to take a school bus, some for the first time! The show was a creative light show retelling the favorite kids book.

Book Sale donation to Embrace Kids Foundation

Thanks to the FASP community and Parents Association, our school is able to send $400 to the Embrace Kids Foundation to help support children facing health challenges. Thank you everyone for coming together for a good cause!

Escape Room at the Franklin Institute

Our Middle School students recently put their teamwork and thinking skills to the test at the Franklin Institute’s Escape Room exhibit. They worked together to solve clues and complete their mission. They also took a tour of the Rodin Museum while in the Philadelphia area.

Field Trip to Dragons Love Tacos

Our Grade 1 & 2 students headed to the Trenton Patriots Theater to see Dragons Love Tacos during their field trip! What a wonderful show!

Grade 8 Class Trip to study and reduce plastic pollution in Bermuda

In mid-May, our Grade 8 students will be traveling to the island of Bermuda for their class trip. The island will be beautiful and the weather will surely be pleasant, but our students are going with another focus: to study plastic pollution in our oceans. They will visit local organizations to learn what work is being done, how to help, and they’ll see firsthand the impact that human activity has on marine life.

In preparation for their trip, our students have been studying the problem of plastic pollution in Bermuda and around the world. Their winter forum showcased some of their research, and they recently visited the Grade 5 class to lead a workshop in reusing recycled plastic materials.

This trip is linked to the students’ community project as a component of their education in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. This community project is an integral part of an IB education, in which students raise awareness of an issue. Our students will return from their trip to share with the FASP community what they’ve learned and to raise awareness of the plastic pollution problem.

Stay tuned for an update after their trip!

Learn more about the IB MYP community project learning goals here:

The FASP yearbook is coming together!

Our Yearbook team of volunteer parents has been working hard all year to prepare another beautiful book of FASP memories. Last week, class photos and graduation photos were taken on our campus amid flowering trees and green grass. We’re excited to show you the fruits of this hard work in a few short weeks. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek!


Monthly Maternelle lunch: asparagus soup, tabouleh, and cupcakes!

Our Maternelle students are getting to be quite good at this! Every month, our maternelle students and teachers prepare a meal to share together. This month, our Preschool students made Hungry Caterpillar carrot cupcakes, PreK made asparagus soup, and Kindergarten made tabouleh.

FASP Fun Day: Mismatched Shoe Day

A few times a year, we have an extra bit of fun at FASP with special themed days. This time it was MisMatched Shoe Day! Our students and some staff showed up with some wacky shoe combinations and had fun showing their crazy side.

Grade 3 Coin Collection for WWF

In conjunction with Earth Day and after studying endangered animals in English class, our Grade 3 classes held a three-day coin collection for the World Wildlife Fund. This year they brought in 1 dollar bill, 331 quarters, 442 dimes, 450 nickels, and 1657 pennies or a record total of $167.02!

Social Events for elementary

A big MERCI to the Parents Association for the magic show and games enjoyed by our students recently at FASP. Students enjoyed entertainment from I See Magic, games, and music. This is an opportunity for our students to socialize outside of the classroom and make some memories!

Firmenich leads Fragrance Workshops at FASP

FASP become a perfumery recently with a visit from Firmenich! Workshops included Fragrance Bingo for Grades 1 & 2 and Mix-you-own-fragrance for Grades 3-8. Students learned about the fragrance industry, how fragrances are used and made, and enjoyed the activities as well. Thank you to Céline and her team for this educational fun!

Noodle ball in gym class

Our elementary students enjoyed learning a new game in gym class! Noodle ball is a zany, fast-paced game that gets our students’ feet moving!

Cooking Day in Grade 5 and Middle School

Cooking and baking together is a great team- and skill-building activity. Our Grade 5-8 students enjoyed making paninis, fruit salad, soup, chocolate mousse, and lemon pastries in teams. The weather was perfect for an outdoor lunch the next day!