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FASP Alumni Spotlight: Zahra Lohoué

An in-depth interview with alumni as they reflect on their time at the French American School of Princeton.

2019 alumni Zahra Lohoué sits in a library while she visits FASP to share her experiences.
Zahra Lohoué, a 2019 graduate at FASP, sits and shares her experiences at the school.

Meet Zahra Lohoué, a 2019 eighth-grade graduate of FASP. Zahra sat with FASP for an in-depth interview to share her experiences during her time at the school. As a current high school student, Zahra speaks about how her experiences at FASP has prepared her for her current school and beyond.

Watch Zahra’s full interview below, or visit FASP’s YouTube channel:

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Maternelle Students Host Winter Circus

Maternelle students transformed into clowns, dancers and gymnasts to put on a show of circus acts before a lively audience of parents, grandparents, siblings, faculty and staff on December 18th.

A Wonderful Winter Festival: Grades 1 – 8

On December 11th, elementary and middle school students hosted their Winter Festival in the school gym. Students proudly performed holiday tunes including “My Favorite Things” and “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Students in grades 1 – 8 wishes the FASP community a happy holiday season!

French American School of Princeton Hosts Annual Book Fair at Local Bookstore

On December 7th, the French American School of Princeton (FASP) Parents’ Association hosted its annual book fair at the Barnes and Noble located in Princeton’s MarketFair Mall.

The book fair brought together the FASP community made up of students, parents and faculty. The day-long event offered a selection of children’s literature, crafts and two special story times read to students. In addition to literature and crafts, the book fair welcomed children’s book illustrators Risa Horiuchi and Mike Moran, as well as author Kelsey Kloss, who specializes in children’s literature.

During the event, Moran led a drawing workshop, which engaged middle-school aged students. Earlier in the day, a special story time gathered the attention of the younger students.

Kloss, author of the book Malty the Blue Tiger, feels honored to have read to the bilingual students of the school.

“We had so much fun reading and signing Malty the Blue Tiger in Princeton,” said Kloss. “It was wonderful to meet all of the fantastic readers and families who joined us!”

Horiuchi, who illustrated Kloss’ book and a number of other children’s books, also read during the story time.

“It was great to see the children’s reactions to Malty the Blue Tiger,” said Horiuchi. “Their reactions really brought the illustrations to life.”

The event, coordinated by the FASP Parents’ Association, is an annual book fair designed to help grow the school’s library through both donated and purchased books.

“All funds raised during the event go toward purchasing additional books for the school library,” said Prisca Tsai, President of the FASP Parents’ Association. “The book fair is one of the biggest events that the association coordinates for the school.”

FASP Alumni Spotlight: Alexandre Cartier

An in-depth interview with alumni as they reflect on their time at the French American School of Princeton

Even after a student graduates from the French American School of Princeton (FASP), alumni are often eager to visit their former teachers and current students who attend the school.

Truth be told, some of our alumni have the best stories to tell!

We are pleased to announce FASP’s Alumni Spotlight Series! The series will include a combination of in-depth interviews, videos and photos as former students share their bilingual-centered learning experience at FASP, and how it has shaped them into prepared, well-equipped students today.

This month, FASP introduces Alexandre Cartier, who graduated from the eighth grade at FASP in 2014. After he relocated with his parents to the United States at the age of 12, Alexandre knew only French and quickly adapted to life in a new country, and more specifically, becoming a part of a close-knit bilingual school community.

“My experience at FASP was different than most students,” said the now college-aged student. “My first year at the school exposed me to new points of view, both academically and socially. Being in a school with multiple cultures is an amazing aspect that you will benefit from.”

Aside from being exposed to various groups of multi-cultural students, Alexandre explained how bilingual learning helped shape his mind, while preparing him for both high school and college, as he currently attends Engineering School in his native country of France

“Looking back at what I learned at FASP, it taught me about having conversations with people of different cultures and viewpoints. Ironically, it has taught me to learn other languages even faster.”

Academically, students at FASP are exposed to an array of subjects including math, science, music and art. For Alexandre, one particular subject piqued his interest.

“The sciences were very interesting,” he said. “Completing the lab projects were challenging yet rewarding. Being in a bilingual English and French school made me feel as if I had one foot back at home in France, and another in my new home in the United States.”

Maternelle Luncheon

On November 20th, students in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten prepared a luncheon! The menu consisted of gratin dauphinois, green beans and cranberry sauce to encourage new eating habits.

Middle School Pollution Posters

In November, middle school students created posters to help spread awareness on stopping plastic pollution. Then, the students voted on their classmates’ posters in a contest! Congratulations to Amber (Grade 6), Leopold (Grade 7) and Olivia (Grade 8) whose posters are illustrated here.

Fall Math Challenges

Are you ready for a challenge? Fifth and sixth students teamed up for math challenges, to demonstrate problem-solving and teamwork throughout the entire month.


Congratulations to the winners! On December 20th, the winners of the challenges were announced during a brief ceremony naming the first, second and third place winners.

First Place: Ethan, Luca, Vanessa and Anouck

Second Place: Lou, Gabriel, Anna and Viona

Third Place: Aubin, Leándra and Oriane

Elementary Class President Meetings

On November 1st, elementary students gathered for their first student council meeting of the 2019-20 school year. During the meeting, class presidents shared ideas, questions and concerns surrounding the school.

FASP Flames Hold Soccer Awards

The FASP Flames wrapped up a successful soccer season with an award presentation held at school! Students who participated in the 2019-20 soccer season received a medal for their dedication during games and practices throughout the season.

Middle School Forums Recap

Starting on November 19th, middle school classes presented their forums for parents. The presentation of topics included an explanation on endangered land & sea animals and also stopping plastic pollution!

Elementary Forums Recap

Throughout the month of November, classes in elementary school hosted their forums for parents. The presentation of topics included pollution, exercise, art in France and more! Take a look below at their on-stage display.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Visits French American School of Princeton

Scientist from the NOAA stands on stage in front of middle school students

On November 14th, Princeton’s location of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) visited the French American School of Princeton (FASP) for a presentation to middle school students on climate change, the ocean and marine life.

The presentation, held in the FASP cafeteria, gathered NOAA scientists Dr. Mitch Bushuk and Dr. Vince Saba, as well as middle school students and faculty for an in-depth presentation on “Understanding, Observing and Acting on Climate Change.” During the presentation, students also had the special opportunity to speak with the scientists, ask questions and engage in an open dialogue.

Middle school students listen to the presentation by NOAA

Over the past several years, FASP actively participated in an increased initiative of environmental consciousness. During the 2018-19 school year, former middle school students visited Bermuda to study plastic pollution and the impacts on marine life. This school year, the initiative continued with the effort of eliminating single-use plastics throughout the school during events, classroom activities and projects. Middle school students created posters to remind visitors of the school’s increased effort in caring for the environment.

“We are delighted to have the NOAA visit our school today,” said Head of School Corinne Güngör. “The value of this presentation aligns with FASP’s work in protecting the environment, while keeping our students conscious of the world in which we live.”

During the presentation, 7th grade student Giselle asked a question about the impact that humans have on climate change. “ Dr. Bushuk answered, “Yes, humans are responsible for the impact, as well as natural factors such as active volcanoes.”