Hour of Code

Grade 2 Botley challenge

“Hour of Code” is an international movement to get people coding. Sponsored by schools, libraries, and other organizations, the goal is for everyone to spend an hour coding. Numerous apps and organizations offer free Hour of Code activities on websites. This year, all FASP primary grade students got involved. First graders coded in sequential coding…

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Budding Scientists in Elementary

Grade 4 Science 5

At the elementary level, students in grades 2 and 4 were busy experimenting in their science class. Second graders learned about the properties of different materials. Then they realized an experiment: they tested which surface would soak up water the fastest between cement, soil, and grass. Pouring an equal quantity of water on each element,…

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Marathon Team Challenge

Marathon Challenge Award 5

During the September and October months, students in grades three through eight trained in endurance running. They got to know their bodies, paced their effort, and defined a running strategy accounting for their psychological, respiratory, muscular and cardiac sensations. They experienced and accepted the effects of physical training and fatigue. They advised and encouraged each…

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Art, Travel, and History

Learning about the Mona Lisa

Grade 1 students are working on a bilingual and interdisciplinary project linking French and English language arts, social studies, and art. This project started with reading The Wolf Who Solved the Mystery of the Missing Mask, by Orianne Lallemand (“Le loup qui enquêtait au musée”), which tells the story of a famous wolf leading an…

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Welcome Back, FASP!

We were thrilled to open our doors again and safely welcome back our students for their first day of school! Take a look at a few snapshots of our first day of the 2021-22 school year!

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Congratulations, Graduates!

On June 4th, FASP celebrated our kindergarten, 5th-grade and 8th-grade graduates! During a ceremony held in our campus’ gymnasium, we first celebrated our 5th and 8th-grade graduates during a morning ceremony. In the afternoon, we were able to host a ceremony for kindergarten students. After the kindergarten ceremony, students enjoyed delicious treats with their classmates…

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Elementary & Middle School Students Enjoy Lunch Outdoors

During the week of May 10th, elementary and middle school students headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather during lunch! Our beautiful campus was the stage for a succession of luncheons on the grass, with elementary and middle school students enjoying their meal on their picnic blanket.  

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Grade 4 & 5 Students Create Structure Replicas

During a STEM activity, students in grades four and five created replicas of famous structures and buildings. While using materials such as cardboard, tape and straws, students were required to ensure that the replica mimicked the real-life structure while maintaining its structural stability.  

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Students Enjoy Delicious Crêpes!

On April 8th, our students and team members were able to enjoy a delicious crêpe! Made fresh to order, students and team members enjoyed a sweet treat during the day. With a choice of sugar, strawberry jam or plain, those who enjoyed a crêpe certainly had a sweet moment during the day! A huge thank…

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Students Celebrate Jersey Day!

At the end of March, our students celebrated Jersey Day! Students wore their favorite soccer, football, baseball and basketball jerseys in honor of the day. Throughout the halls, we spotted famous athletes from all around the world. Go team!

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