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Kindergarten Graduation 2019

Graduating from maternelle (pre-elementary) and getting ready to start Grade 1 is a big step! Our Kindergarten students, along with their families and teachers, took time to celebrate at the graduation ceremony last week. Congratulations to our students on all you’ve learned and accomplished!

Field Days at FASP

On one of the last days of school, our students (and teachers!) always enjoy a chance to get outside and have fun together. This year was no different, as our students enjoyed classic games, water activities, team games, and a new Ninja Line activity!

2019 Maternelle end-of-the-year event

What a playful, creative, and impressive show put on by our Maternelle students and their teachers last Friday! This was a great opportunity for parents to see the progress their children have made this year at FASP and to celebrate together. Bravo!

Kindergarteners visit Grade 1

There are a lot of new and exciting things about Grade 1 – a different classroom environment, homework(!), more emphasis on reading skills, and more. To help get our Kindergarten students ready and excited for this new adventure, they recently visited the Grade 1 class to see what it’s like. They met one of the characters in the French books, met the teacher, and talked about how things will be different. They’ll be all set to start in September!

Field Trip to the Rainbow Fish

Our Maternelle students recently went to the NJ State Theater to see a fun show of the Rainbow Fish. They love getting to take a school bus, some for the first time! The show was a creative light show retelling the favorite kids book.

Monthly Maternelle lunch: asparagus soup, tabouleh, and cupcakes!

Our Maternelle students are getting to be quite good at this! Every month, our maternelle students and teachers prepare a meal to share together. This month, our Preschool students made Hungry Caterpillar carrot cupcakes, PreK made asparagus soup, and Kindergarten made tabouleh.

Maternelle Garden Project is starting again!

Spring is starting to bloom on campus, and our Maternelle students are preparing their garden for the growing season. Stay tuned to see what they’re going to plant in all this fresh dirt!

April Fool’s! Poisson d’avril!

Poisson d’avril! The April Fools’ Day custom in France is to secretly stick a fish on you friend’s back, and our students had fun continuing the tradition at school this month!

Springtime stories in Maternelle

Every month, a few of our middle school students visit the Maternelle for story time. This time they chose spring-themed stories and enjoyed the young students’ reactions and questions to the stories.

Lasagna and crêpes – bon appetit!

This month, our maternelle students learned how to make lasagna, salad, and crêpes for their baking and shared meal project. Students learn new cooking skills, how to work together, and to enjoy new tastes by preparing healthy meals.

Maternelle Celebrates Spring

Our Maternelle (Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten) classes recently put on a presentation all about spring for their parents and friends. Songs, poetry, and dance performances about spring and new growth were accompanied by bright and beautiful art projects. The Spring Celebration is a great opportunity for families to witness their children’s progress in two languages and connect with one another. Our students and teachers really enjoy bringing parents in to what they’ve been up to, too.

Students discover new books at FASP’s libraries

FASP has extensive collections of French and English books in the Maternelle and Elementary/Middle School libraries. Students enjoy visiting once a week, where they can browse and borrow books to take home and enjoy. Maternelle students often read a story together, and older students share books they’ve enjoyed with the “coups de coeur.” Reading, and learning to love it, is important for building vocabulary, expanding the imagination, improving memory, and encouraging concentration.

Handwriting techniques in Kindergarten

At FASP, students learn the foundations of handwriting starting in Preschool. Once in Kindergarten, they begin working specifically on handwriting skills through a workbook and activities. Our Kindergarten students have been developing these fine-motor skills with word-building puzzles, white boards, and lessons in their workbooks.

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Maternelle cooking: Red foods!

It was a red theme this month for the Maternelle shared lunch: vegetable soup, red cabbage quiche, and strawberry milkshakes! Students prepare and share a meal once a month to learn new skills and healthy eating habits.

Middle School students share stories with Maternelle

Continuing all year, our middle school students take turns visiting the Maternelle classrooms to read stories in French and English. Here are the books that students enjoyed reading and listening to this time:

Books read in Preschool:

Love Monster Grosse colère

Books read in Pre-K:

White Rabbit’s Color Book La brouille

Books read in Kindergarten:

The Mitten Tree Les contes du château