6th Grade STEM Class Creates Human Cantilever Bridge Project

6th Grade STEM Human cantilever Bridge

6th Grade students at French American School of Princeton have been studying how the forces of compression and tension work together to create structure and balance in the engineering of bridges in their STEM class. This past week students created a Human Cantilever Bridge! It was inspired by this project produced by Princeton University, and…

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French American School of Princeton Math & Science Middle School Teachers Nominated for Princeton Prize for Distinguished Secondary School Teaching

French American School of Princeton Middle School science class

French American School of Princeton (FASP) is proud to nominate Natalie Martin and Sonia Grare, Middle School teachers in Math and Science, for the Princeton Prize for Distinguished Secondary School Teaching awarded annually by Princeton University. French American School of Princeton Bilingual Education In FASP’s bilingual curriculum, Middle School students study Math and Science in…

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Look Inside a Cell!

3D Cell Model 9

In science class, the 7th-grade students have been learning about classifying and exploring life, including cell structures and functions. They researched plant and animal cells to understand the making-up of living things. Despite looking different and carrying out different roles, cells share specific structures referred to as organelles (mini-organs). Students built models that included labels…

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Art Reinterpretation at the Middle School

Before Grant Wood

In grade 6, students revisited some classic artworks. Observing the paintings, they had to imagine what could have happened before. Why is there a giant head floating? Why are the waves so strong? Why does the man have a pitchfork? Why is there an apple in front of his face? Why does he have all…

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Marathon Team Challenge

Marathon Challenge Award 5

During the September and October months, students in grades three through eight trained in endurance running. They got to know their bodies, paced their effort, and defined a running strategy accounting for their psychological, respiratory, muscular and cardiac sensations. They experienced and accepted the effects of physical training and fatigue. They advised and encouraged each…

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The Empathy Project

Grade 7 Inventors at work

This year’s primary focus in STEM class is on purposeful inventions, designing something useful or even life-changing. In grade 7, students started a project designing a practical assistive or adaptive device. For this first project, students learned about the engineering process of Ask, Think, Make, Test. They need to figure out the device’s purpose, devise…

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Welcome Back, FASP!

We were thrilled to open our doors again and safely welcome back our students for their first day of school! Take a look at a few snapshots of our first day of the 2021-22 school year!

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Congratulations, Graduates!

On June 4th, FASP celebrated our kindergarten, 5th-grade and 8th-grade graduates! During a ceremony held in our campus’ gymnasium, we first celebrated our 5th and 8th-grade graduates during a morning ceremony. In the afternoon, we were able to host a ceremony for kindergarten students. After the kindergarten ceremony, students enjoyed delicious treats with their classmates…

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Elementary & Middle School Students Enjoy Lunch Outdoors

During the week of May 10th, elementary and middle school students headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather during lunch! Our beautiful campus was the stage for a succession of luncheons on the grass, with elementary and middle school students enjoying their meal on their picnic blanket.  

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6th Grade Students Present: Caine’s Arcade

Over the past several months, students in grade 6 created arcade games! Following the model of Caine’s Arcade and the Global Cardboard Challenge, students created classic arcade games using common items such as cardboard, clothespins, spoons and even cups. Once the projects were finished, students then showcased their work by hosting a carnival-style event which…

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