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Congratulations, FASP Class of 2020!

To our Eighth Grade Class of 2020:

Although we were unable to see you walk across the stage, we’re excited to watch you take the next step in your educational journey. We’ll miss you within the halls of FASP, but we’re ready to watch you #SayOui to all the great opportunities that will come your way! #Bravo to you, and good luck in high school next fall!

Astrophysicist “Visits” FASP

Daniel Rouan, an astrophysicist at the Observatoire de Paris, conducted a live Zoom workshop with Middle School students on May 14th. The talk (in French) first centered on an astrophysicist’s career and then explored the concepts of exoplanets and black holes. Students had an opportunity to ask questions and comment.

To learn more about the Observatoire de Paris, please click here:

FASP Students Participate in AEFE Challenge

Throughout the month of May, students in all grade levels participated in weekly challenges set by the AEFE, with the theme of “May at the Museum.” Each week, students are prompted with a new challenge, putting their creativity to the test! Students then share their completed artwork within an online platform with other schools that participate in the challenge.

For more information on the AEFE “May at the Museum” challenge, please click here: Check out the Challenge!

COVID-19: School Closure Update

On May 4, 2020, Gov. Murphy announced that all New Jersey school buildings will remain closed for in-person instruction for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year.

For more information on the closure, please click here: NJ Schools Update

Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade participated in Shakespeare Day on April 23rd! During their English Zoom session, middle schoolers dressed in their finest Elizabethan attire and drank tea while reading sonnets and playing games about the author’s works and life.

FASP Celebrates Earth Day

On April 22nd, students and faculty celebrated Earth Day! Our community wore green (and some blue) in honor of the day. During online class sessions, students participated in a number of activities including:

  • Identifying and categorizing recycling containers in preschool
  • Brainstorming on ways to help reduce food waste at home in elementary classes
  • Measuring daily water consumption in eighth-grade science class

Seventh Graders Display Survival Presentations

What items do you need for survival? ⛺️

Students in seventh grade displayed their projects, in which they discussed items needed for survival including food, water, heat and shelter. Take a look at their presentations below presented during their online Zoom session.

FASP Celebrates a Virtual School Spirit Day!

FASP had a wonderful School Spirit Day! 🎉

On April 10th, students, parents, faculty and staff grabbed their FASP gear and showed their school pride! During the (virtual) fun day, our school community had the ability to come together as one, even while we continue to practice social distancing. Take a look as all grade levels participate in the fun day for our community!

Consul General of France in New York Visits FASP

On February 11th, the Consul General of France in New York visited the French American School of Princeton (FASP) to meet with fourth through eighth grade students for a conversation on diplomacy.

During the forum-style conversation, students had the opportunity to ask questions directed to Ms. Anne-Claire Legendre, who has served as the Consul General since 2016.

Questions that students asked included, “How often do you meet presidents?” and “How many people work at the Consulate?

In addition to meeting with students, Consul General Legendre also received a tour led by FASP Head of School, Corinne Güngör. During the tour, Legendre and Güngör spoke about FASP’s dual language program offered to students at the school.

To learn more about the Consulate General of France in New York, please click here:

Former United Nations Worker Visits French American School of Princeton for Presentation

Former United Nations worker speaks to FASP students in the cafeteria.

On January 31st, former United Nations worker Suzanne Mandong visited the French American School of Princeton (FASP) for a presentation to students in grades five through eight. During the presentation, Mandong spoke to students about the landlocked West-African country, Burkina Faso.

In 1992, Mandong moved to New York City and worked for the the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). During her career, she had the distinct privilege of working with people throughout the world, making her multilingual in English, French, Russian and Bassa. Now retired, Mandong feels it is important to continue helping those who are in need, while encouraging younger generations to follow in her footsteps.

A woman helping people in need.

“We must engage our youth, and teach them the importance of serving and giving,” said Mandong. Our future relies on young people.”

During her frequent visits to Africa, Mandong provides common personal care items to the citizens of Burkina Faso. To involve the FASP community, Mandong showed a collection of images that displayed the conditions of Burkina Faso. Then, she gave examples on how students can help, even without visiting the country.

“We cannot do everything, but we can do something,” said Mandong. “We can fundraise and collect basic items including shoes, food, school supplies, hygiene products and so much more.”

To donate to Burkina Faso, please consider donating the following: (Closed as of 2-21-2020)

Students in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten classes can provide hygiene products including soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste or mouthwash. 

Students in elementary classes can provide sheets, blankets and towels, as well as school supplies such as pens, pencils, markers or crayons. 

Students in middle school classes can provide summer clothes, such as t-shirts and shorts (all sizes). 

Winter Lunch by Parents

Earlier this week, parents of eighth graders hosted “Lunch by Parents” to help fund their students’ end of the year trip. Parents prepared a meal consisting of Zucchini Velouté, lasagna and a dessert. Take a look at the tasty afternoon below!

Students Host “Galette Des Rois” in Cafeteria

During the week of January 13th, students at FASP celebrated the traditional “Galette Des Rois” celebration in the cafeteria. FASP’s kings and queens enjoyed a delicious cake during the celebration.

For elementary and middle school students, the cake was graciously paid for by the FASP Parents’ Association, who purchased them from local caterer “Cuisine, by Anne-Renee.” In maternelle, students prepared the cakes in class during a baking activity.

A Wonderful Winter Festival: Grades 1 – 8

On December 11th, elementary and middle school students hosted their Winter Festival in the school gym. Students proudly performed holiday tunes including “My Favorite Things” and “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Students in grades 1 – 8 wishes the FASP community a happy holiday season!

Middle School Pollution Posters

In November, middle school students created posters to help spread awareness on stopping plastic pollution. Then, the students voted on their classmates’ posters in a contest! Congratulations to Amber (Grade 6), Leopold (Grade 7) and Olivia (Grade 8) whose posters are illustrated here.

FASP Flames Hold Soccer Awards

The FASP Flames wrapped up a successful soccer season with an award presentation held at school! Students who participated in the 2019-20 soccer season received a medal for their dedication during games and practices throughout the season.