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Firmenich leads Fragrance Workshops at FASP

FASP become a perfumery recently with a visit from Firmenich! Workshops included Fragrance Bingo for Grades 1 & 2 and Mix-you-own-fragrance for Grades 3-8. Students learned about the fragrance industry, how fragrances are used and made, and enjoyed the activities as well. Thank you to Céline and her team for this educational fun!

Cooking Day in Grade 5 and Middle School

Cooking and baking together is a great team- and skill-building activity. Our Grade 5-8 students enjoyed making paninis, fruit salad, soup, chocolate mousse, and lemon pastries in teams. The weather was perfect for an outdoor lunch the next day!

Springtime stories in Maternelle

Every month, a few of our middle school students visit the Maternelle for story time. This time they chose spring-themed stories and enjoyed the young students’ reactions and questions to the stories.

Visit by local artist Carole Jury

Local artist and FASP parent Carole Jury visited FASP recently to talk with our Grade 8 students about her work and career. She shared how her business started, what her art techniques are, and together they learned a bit about working with oil paints. Thank you, Carole, for a fun and informative lesson!

Grade 8 Fundraiser: Lunch by Parents

Our Grade 8 students will be taking a trip to Bermuda in May, to experience the culture there and to work on their community project around plastic pollution. As a fundraiser, they offered a homecooked meal to our school community with the help of their parents and the PA. The food was a delicious, and the event was a success!

Middle School Science Fair

Our middle schoolers put on an engaging Science Fair on Friday, displaying their research, calculations, experiments, and creativity. The whole school visited to learn about how plants grow in different light, how temperatures affect solar panels, and much more. Several judges will choose winners based on many aspects of students’ work, display, and presentation. Winners will be announced at the end of the year. Great work!

IB Approaches to Learning

At the core of the IB program is the emphasis on helping students to become lifelong learners. Our Grade 7 students have been discussing neuroplasticity, the fact that the brain is able to change its structure when learning new skills and information. This week, they read and discussed a French comic book about neuroplasticity and learning strategies. These Approaches to Learning, deliberate strategies, skills, and attitudes that are incorporated into IB methods, will help our students to identify their own ways of learning and to think about their importance.


Marc Boutavant

Children’s book author and illustrator to visit FASP in March

We are pleased to announce that the French children’s book author and illustrator Marc Boutavant will be visiting FASP on March 13. He will discuss his latest book, Dumpster Dog, co-written with Colas Gutman, with our students. Through its charmingly awkward canine protagonist Dumpster Dog, he shows kids that accepting differences is a key to better understanding one another.


Boutavant is well known for his bestselling children’s series “Around the World with Mouk” as well as his monthly “Ariol” comic strip in J’aime lire, a magazine for young readers.

Co-sponsored by the French American School of Princeton, the Princeton Public library and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Book Signing for FASP Students

A special book signing event will be held on Wednesday afternoon for our students. We invite all FASP Parents, Faculty and Staff to purchase the book they would like him to sign now (available at

Dumpster Dog
Chien Pourri (French version)
Chien Pourri à Paris (in French)
Chien Pourri fait du ski (in French)
Chien Pourri à l’école (in French)
Chien Pourri et sa bande (in French)
Chien Pourri à la ferme (in French)
Chien Pourri à la plage (in French)
Chien Pourri est amoureux (in French)
Joyeux anniversaire Chien Pourri (in French)
Chien Pourri millionaire (in French)

More books by Marc Boutavant (in English and in French)

Book Signing for the public

Talk & book signing at Princeton Public Library with Marc Boutavant who will discuss his latest book Dumpster Dog co-written with Colas Gutman from 6pm-7:30pm




Free and open to the public
For children ages 6 and up accompanied by adults

Learn more


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Musical legends: Grade 6 students in Music class

Our Grade 6 students have been studying and presenting about historical and modern-day musicians. They discover familiar tunes and new music styles through their classmates’ presentations.

SOS! Grade 7 & 8 forum

Grades 7 & 8 presented their creative learnings, stories and designs at their bilingual forum last week.

Grade 8 students shared what they’ve learned about plastic pollution in our oceans and how they’ll help with community service projects during their trip to Bermuda in May.

Based around their study of the novel Lord of the Flies and Vendredi ou la vie sauvage (a French novel inspired by Robinson Crusoe),Grade 7 students shared skits about being stranded on a desert island and displayed 3D models of their own island designs.

Grade 6 forum on Greek Mythology

Our Grade 6 students have been studying the classic Greek myths, and they acted out some of their favorite stories at their bilingual forum last week. Through these forums, students learn to present stories in an articulate, interesting, and sometimes comical way to an audience.

Middle School students share stories with Maternelle

Continuing all year, our middle school students take turns visiting the Maternelle classrooms to read stories in French and English. Here are the books that students enjoyed reading and listening to this time:

Books read in Preschool:

Love Monster Grosse colère

Books read in Pre-K:

White Rabbit’s Color Book La brouille

Books read in Kindergarten:

The Mitten Tree Les contes du château

Design in the IB program

As part of the implementation of the IB (International Baccalaureate) program at FASP, our students are learning about the design process. They’re working with a graphic designer and special equipment to create and 3D print their own designs, learning about the concepts and skills related to the field.

Click here to learn more about Design in the IB program:

Galette des rois celebration

A common French tradition in January is the galette des rois, or kings cake. At FASP, we continue this tradition with our students every year. Our maternelle and middle school students baked their own cakes this year, and many elementary school parents also generously volunteered to make cakes. As always, it was a fun (and delicious!) moment to share together!