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Food Drive with HomeFront Association

Our Middle School students helped organize a food drive to benefit the HomeFront Association. They collected many Thanksgiving food items and other foods to go to area families in need during the holiday. Thank you to all those who donated to this good cause!

Maternelle students enjoy story time with middle schoolers

More of our Middle School students visited the maternelle classes to read stories in French and English. It’s a great chance for middle school students to practice different reading styles, and the younger students love it! They will continue this regularly throughout the year.

Books read in Preschool
The Hat Le Machin

Books read in Pre-K
Chaucer’s First Winter La boule de neige qui roule

Books read in Kindergarden
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever Hansel et Gretel

Physics and Chemistry at the Grade 7 & 8 forum

During their bilingual forum last week, Grade 7 students taught us about famous physicists like Blaise Pascal, John Dalton, and Henri Becquerel. Grade 8 students highlighted a few interesting elements like sulfur and neon. Students practice their public speaking skills while switching between French and English throughout their presentation. Well done everyone!

Grade 6 Forum on interesting creatures

Have you heard of a blobfish? Or a maned wolf? Our Grade 6 students presenting their projects on interesting creatures at their bilingual forum last week. Switching multiple times between French and English, our students shared the fascinating facts they researched about their chosen topic. Bravo!

Grade 5 & 6 Défis Mathématiques (Math Challenges)

This month, Grade 5 & 6 students are coming together to solve math problems during the Défis Mathématiques. Working in groups, they get to know students in a different grade while honing their critical thinking and teamwork skills. This competition is organized by the AEFE, the organization which unites the network of French-accredited schools around the world. Our students join in with those of many other schools worldwide!

With activities like the Défis Mathématiques, our Grade 5 students become more familiar with the Middle School space and teachers, which facilitates an easier transition to Middle School next year. Awards will be given at the end of the month to the highest-scoring team!

Dental Health Workshops

All our students learned about teeth today during the Dental Health workshops by Nesrine Bestandji at Canal Vista Family Dental. Students learned how to take care of their teeth, demonstrated flossing and brushing, and some learned how to repair teeth using composite.

Maternelle Story time by Middle School students

Middle School students visited the maternelle classes to read autumn-themed stories in French and English – a treat for everyone! They will continue this regularly throughout the year.

Books read in Preschool
Corduroy’s Halloween T’choupi fête Halloween

Books read in Pre-K
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! Vèzmô la sorcière

Books read in Kindergarden
Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night Citrouille, ma citrouille

Cubism in Photography: Grade 7 artwork

Grade 7 students combined photography and cubism in art class this week, taking photos of each other from different angles and distances for an interesting compilation. Check out their finished portraits!

Middle School Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our Middle School Science Fair winners, which were announced at the Graduation ceremony.

Grade 6: Colin F. for his solar cell project. He designed and created his own working solar cell!

Grade 7: Zahra L. with her magnetic levitation train model. By adding magnets to the ends of a battery to simulate the train car, she could make it move through a copper coil tunnel. She also built a model metro station!

Grade 8: Maya N. for her research on Tesla coils. She learned about magnetic induction and proved her battery-powered loops would work by lighting a model city without wires!


Middle School Shakespeare

Our Middle School students presented some of their favorite Shakespeare scenes to younger students. Brought to life with costumes and humor, students enjoyed the quirky characters and funny plots.

Math Challenges Awards

Our Grade 5 & 6 students participated in monthly Math Challenges all year long, working in groups to solve math problems. We handed out award certificates to the winning teams last week – it was a close competition! Congratulations to all participants!

Graduation Celebration: Grade 5 & 8

We take time every year to celebrate our graduates, those moving up from elementary to middle school, and those graduating from FASP to go on to high school. Congratulations to all of our graduates this year, and thank you for the support of their families and teachers! We know you’re on to do great things!

What is the surface area of our skin?

Our Grade 7 students did an experiment to approximate the surface area of our skin by covering the body with paper, removing the covering, and then measuring the surface area. Any guess as to their results?

Grade 8 Class Trip to the Smoky Mountains

Grade 8 students spent 4 days in the Smoky Mountains. They spent a lot of time exploring the natural areas with camping, hiking, having a campfire, white water rafting, and more.

The students and parents worked hard to fundraise before their trip. Click here to read more about these efforts.