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November 2015: PreK-2 Forum

“The Ugly Duckling” Forum PreK2: helping young children understand the importance of kindness

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November 2015: Grade 2A Forum

“I love, the teacher dislikes” Forum Grade 2A: encouraging respectful behavior in the classroom


October 2015: Halloween

FASP Students getting into the spirit of Halloween by celebrating with a costume parade!

Halloween2015-1 Halloween2015-2 Halloween2015-3

November 2015: Grades 6-8 Forum

Engaging a new generation of global citizens: FASP Middle School students advocating for the fight against hunger, poverty, homeless.

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October 2015: Grade 3B Forum

Such an awesome performance from our Grade 3B students.
Well done to our * Star Students * this week!

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September 2015: Hat Day

All our students were invited to wear their favorite hat to school today.
All they needed was their imagination and a hat. Lots of fun and fashion!

HatDay2015-1 HatDay2015-2 HatDay2015-3

October 2015: Grade 3A Forum

Skits are short performances that help students gain confidence and build teamwork. Great to watch! BRAVO Grade 3A







October 2015: Grade 5 Forum

Practicing public speaking has helped our students gain confidence. Even more impressive when the presentation is given in two languages. Congratulations to our Grade 5 students!

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October 2015: Celebrating National Chemistry Week

FASP students celebrating National Chemistry Week with color-related experiments with Chemistry Connection®, Solvay’s international hands-on science education program: Food Coloring Kaleidoscope, Ink Dot Flowers, Red Cabbage Juice, and the Electric Pickle!

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September 2015: Back-To-School

It was great to see so many families today at the International Potluck Picnic! The year is off to a beautiful start and we look forward to having a great year.


December 2015: Author and Psychologist Robert Evans Lecture at FASP

Nurture. Structure. Latitude.
These were simple, yet powerful, parenting principles Robert Evans, a noted clinical psychologist and a child and family therapist for years, shared with parents who attended his talk at the French American School of Princeton on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. Parents, school faculty and board members from FASP, as well as from the Princeton community, gathered to listen to Rob’s realistic and common-sense approach to parenting during these challenging times.


“As the pace of life accelerates and as the future grows less predictable, parents find it more challenging to raise children of character, caring, and competence,” said Corinne Güngör, Head of the French American School of Princeton. “Rob’s practical advice on focusing on our strengths as parents was very well-received by many parents. This is quite timely, as many of us are constantly re-evaluating the parenting strategies we use in this day and age of digital distractions and societal pressures.”

DSC_3691_01About Robert Evans
Clinical psychologist Robert J. Evans, Ed.D., is a Princeton University alumni, where he pursued his undergraduate degree. He also has a doctorate degree from Harvard University. He has consulted to over 1,700 schools around the country.

October 2015: Grade 4 Forum

Vivre ensemble / Living Together.
Let us ponder: do we need rules for organization & in order to be able to live together ?

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