FASP’s Dual-Language Program

Students of the World Start Here

Your child has the innate ability to learn multiple languages — and the French American School of Princeton provides the immersive, supportive experience children need to realize that ability.

Our bilingual, multicultural program is a well-balanced combination of French structured learning and American teaching methods, which encourage self-confidence, creativity and mutual respect.

The cross-language transfer of skills takes place gradually to ensure a proper command of both languages, with the following instruction percentage divided between French and English:

90/10 in Preschool (3-year-old program) and Pre-K (4-year-old program)

80/20 in Kindergarten

65/35 from First to Third Grade

50/50 from Fourth to Eighth Grade

This challenging curriculum develops curiosity and a love of learning, ensuring graduates speak fluently, think differently, and adapt easily, wherever the world takes them.


What does it mean to be bilingual?

Being truly bilingual means you can understand, speak, read and write in two languages. It’s a specific and fascinating journey that takes place over several years, and the best way to approach it is by being fully immersed in the language and culture.

Taking a foreign-language class is not enough.

To become truly bilingual and bi-literate, you can’t simply learn the language — you must live the language. Choosing a bilingual education for your child is a very important decision, and it must be regarded as a family project.

However, you don’t need to know a language to help your child learn it.

FASP and families work together to ensure the success of every child. By allowing your child to have their own experiences, and by supporting the bilingual process, you will give them an advantage and a gift that will last a lifetime.

You’ll be amazed at what your child can do and achieve at FASP.