Engineering Workshops with Princeton University

Students learned a lot about engineering during a visit from graduate students in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department of Princeton University.

Engineers help design medical tools! Students learned how stethoscopes work by building one and listening to each other’s heartbeat. They found that the stethoscope works much better when you add rubber coverings over the ends. Why is that? 

Firefighters put out fires with the help of engineered equipment. Students brainstormed different ways to put out a fire and stay safe. What methods do you think they used? What’s going to work best, water or air? How can we accurately get it to the flame?

Students explored another way to put out fires using a large drum. Thanks to a fog machine, we could even see the puff of air putting out the flame!

Engineers design rockets! Students built a rocket with the help of some simple materials. 10 seconds to takeoff! The rockets launched across the strings as the balloon deflated! How would you redesign your rocket to go faster?

Engineers use their knowledge to design musical instruments! Students learned about sound waves and how sounds are created. Because of their different properties, the slinkies moved up and down at different rates, just like the guitar strings.

Students used two craft sticks, a rubber band, and two straw pieces to create a harmonikazoo! How do you think the sounds were created?

Students learned how a clarinet works. Is the sound lower when you press none or all of the keys? When the teacher removes the mouthpiece and blows into the clarinet, does it make a noise? These principles also work when your clarinet is made out of a turnip! Students found out what happens to the sound when you shorten the “clarinet” by taking a bite!

Thanks to the Princeton University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering graduates for a fun day!