French Language Accelerated Immersion Program for Grades 1-3

An Education For Wherever The World Takes You

There are few gifts you can give to your child greater than the ability to feel confident, capable and prepared as they make their way through the world.

That’s the gift of a bilingual, multicultural education — a lifelong advantage that begins in early childhood and expands as one grows, providing greater opportunities for higher-level thinking, creative exploration and global understanding.

At the French American School of Princeton (FASP), students become bilingual and bi-literate in a diverse setting that provides a well-balanced combination of French structured learning and the American teaching methods that encourage self-confidence, creativity and mutual respect.

Beginning in September 2023, French American School of Princeton will offer a new French Language Accelerated Immersion program for Grades 1 to 3. This program is designed for students who have not had the opportunity to enter a bilingual program previously. No French is required.

The new French Language Accelerated Immersion program will deliver a challenging curriculum with the goal of instruction conducted 30% in English and 70% in French. The program will begin with students learning with their grade-level peers for homeroom and classes in English (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Art and Music), and for Physical Education in French.

Immersion students will remain with their cohort for intensive French language classes, including Social Studies, Science and Math.

Accelerated Bilingual Immersion Program for English Speakers in First through Third Grades

  • For new students entering First through Third Grades
  • Small group classes
  • Students should be fluent English speakers
  • Accelerated Immersion students will be regularly evaluated in speaking, listening, writing, reading and will join their homeroom class when they reach the required level of oral and written fluency.

Our Experience

FASP has been a leader in delivering academic excellence in bilingual education for more than 20 years. The Immersion program is designed especially for native English speakers who wish to gain French language fluency and will provide continuous, active, and structured support for students to aquire the skills they need to flourish in both languages.

Our main priority is always to provide the best for your child. The Immersion Class has been developed by our qualified team and is led by an experienced FLE (French as a Second Language) teacher.

For more information, a tour of the school, or to apply, call the Admissions Office  at 609.430.3001 or click here.