Together, Climb Higher!

Together, Climg Higher Illustration

FASP needs your support to build a new and exciting project that will benefit all our students, a traverse climbing wall!

It will be a great asset to our general holistic approach and a fantastic activity for students to simultaneously develop their minds, bodies, and characters.

It is an opportunity for our community to renew its genuine commitment to our children and to share, altogether, the joy of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

FASP Board of Trustees is leading the effort with a commitment to match the donations made during the first 48 hours, up to $5000. FASP students and parents invite you to join our Fall Fundraising effort. Let's listen to them, and together, climb higher!

From Lydia and Rosalie Marin
From the Kazemian and Hayeri Families

The campaign will run from Giving Tuesday until December 14, 2021.

Why a climbing wall?

Climbing is a rich activity that is both complex and comprehensive. It allows children and teenagers to surpass themselves, reach the top, take responsibility for safety and become autonomous. They develop a multitude of skills throughout their growth stages:

  • Motor skills: Coordinate movement with the feet and hands to progress, perform complex movements, accept the loss of equilibrium, progress in all directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal.
  • Emotional skills: Develop self-confidence and trust in others and in the apparatus, become aware of your primary fears (fall, etc.), control their apprehensions, their emotional reactions, become aware of your possibilities and limits (get to know yourself).
  • Social skills: Trust your partner, reciprocal control, solidarity, sharing of tasks, foster better communication (give advice).
  • Cognitive skills: Know and respect safety rules, take and process multiple pieces of information, get to know a specific material and its use, acquire a specific language and vocabulary.
  • Perception skills : Widen your visual field in order to search for grips, vary grips, vary the ways in which information is processed (visual, tactile, etc.).
Climbing Wall
Climbing Demonstration