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Dominique Velociter, Head of School
Dominique Velociter, Head of School


In June 2021, I joined the French American School of Princeton as an Interim Head. A year later, I feel humbled by the trust and confidence the board of trustees and the community have placed in me when inviting me to stay as the permanent Head of School.

Since I joined FASP, I felt  attracted to the spirit and dynamics of the school and  committed strongly to make the transition from the founding head to the next step a success story. As a school founder myself, I know that such circumstances are delicate and sensitive for a school community. Furthermore, in our ever changing contexts, schools and communities need consistency, engagement, concern and care from their leaders.

What strikes most when discovering the French American School of Princeton is the campus, the magnificent park and the stunning beauty of nature combined with the superb Neo-Gothic stone buildings. On our grounds,  students study and learn in peace, in an environment that is altogether inspiring, soothing and extraordinary. We often observe deers, groundhogs, geese, or eagles wandering around. Recess takes place in the park and meadows.

Once you pass the front door, another word unfolds, a place where cultures and languages intermingle around the French and American curricula; a mini United Nations where each person, students, teachers, parents, open up windows to multiple traditions and world cultures. The French American School of Princeton is unique for its natural diversity and because of the closeness of its international community. People find at the school the family at large that most do not have on site. People care for each other, help each other, and have fun together, building bonds and relationships that will last way beyond the school.

I always thought that our dual language formula was unparalleled and fascinating: we are a school accredited by two different countries, our curriculum is the fruit of prominent researchers and experts coming from multiple perspectives. The bilingual education we offer is a unique and innovative learning experience that is perfectly adjusted to the demanding needs of today’s education. Bilingual education stimulates, builds and reinforces all the skills and competences our students need to be successful in an ever changing global context. As an example, our students are excellent debaters and communicators in French and English, and semi proficient in Spanish. They are curious, adaptable, flexible,  and naturally able to see the world through different perspectives. They are critical thinkers with an open mindset; their brains are wired differently which encourage them to solve problems creatively using original viewpoints. They are caring, empathic, respectful to nature and their community and environment, and develop responsible citizenship skills.

FASP is a place where teachers and staff, parents, trustees and friends, care, support one another and collaborate to provide a rigorous, yet, pleasurable learning experience. Come and join us and see for yourself. We are looking forward to knowing you.


Kind regards,

Dominique Velociter

Head of School

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