Lunch Program

All students have lunch in the cafeteria under the supervision of the teachers on duty, over two lunch periods of 30 minutes. Preschool through Kindergarten students eat first lunch period at 12pm, Grade 1 to 8 students eat second lunch period at 12:30pm.

Two options are available: students may either bring the lunch to school in a lunchbox or purchase a hot lunch meal delivered and served at school 5 days a week by a local caterer.

School Catering Provider
We partner with the school catering company Smart Lunches to provide our students with healthy lunches prepared fresh each day. This service is optional, families can choose to prepare the meals for their children, purchase them from Smart Lunches, or combine both options.
Smart Lunches provides lunches personalized to each child’s food preferences and restrictions. Meals are prepared by a local catering company and delivered individually packaged and labeled directly to our school. Each meal costs $6.25 to $7.95 (depending on the portion size and the number of meals ordered per week), while additional snacks or drinks cost a couple dollars extra. Their website is user-friendly and they’ve built a lot of flexibility into both ordering and scheduling for the parents.

Menu sample (shows the main course only, but also includes a side)


Before you can place lunch orders, you must first set up a free account.

  • Go to Smart Lunches website
  • Create an account
  • Once your account is created, create a “luncher profile” for your child
  • Put together your order menu preferences
  • View and edit your order menu preferences for the month
  • Pay for the month and submit your order