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There's always something exciting happening at FASP, and we want to help you stay informed of current news and school events. We will update this page regularly with important announcements and news. Please check back often!

International Dot Day!

Did you know that Tuesday, September 15th was #InternationalDotDay? Well, fourth and fifth-grade students at FASP certainly did! In honor of the special day, students created sculptures out of toothpicks and “Dot” candies with the goal of replicating various shapes, such as cubes and pyramids.  

Kindergarten Students Learn Pre-Coding

Students in kindergarten are learning about pre-coding! During a STEM lesson taught in English, students learned about pre-coding by practicing the vocabulary words “code,” “sequence,” and “loop.” As a part of the lesson, students participated in a brief activity including the sorting of color-specific sticks and then listened to the story “Pete the Cat,” which…

Pre-K Students Spell Out September!

Pre-k students are excited about the month of #September! Students in pre-k worked on their cutting, matching and spelling skills during a morning activity, which required them to spell out the word “September.” #BACK2FASP

Congratulations, FASP Class of 2020!

To our Eighth Grade Class of 2020: Although we were unable to see you walk across the stage, we’re excited to watch you take the next step in your educational journey. We’ll miss you within the halls of FASP, but we’re ready to watch you #SayOui to all the great opportunities that will come your way! #Bravo…

Pastry Chefs in Preschool!

In preschool, students became pastry chefs during another #FaspAtHome session! During the baking session, students made “pains aux raisins,” which is a traditional French brioche with raisins and cream. They gathered ingredients such as flour, eggs and a hint of sugar to create their sweet masterpiece! Bon Appetite!

L’arbre de Printemps

In kindergarten, we’re learning how to trace vertical and horizontal lines while using a ruler! Although we’re in the final days of the school year, we’re still learning! During the #FaspAtHome activity, students used their rulers to create lines with the goal of replicating their own rendition of a spring tree art project, “L’arbre de Printemps.”