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There's always something exciting happening at FASP, and we want to help you stay informed of current news and school events. We will update this page regularly with important announcements and news. Please check back often!

The Importance of Bilingual Education by IHOS Dominique Velociter

Read about Dominique’s passion for bilingual education and her outlook on the new school year, in the Q&A below: Q: Where did you begin your journey in bilingual education? A: I began my journey in bilingual education unexpectedly, as a mother, raising bilingual children. I was amazed at the development of their language learning process,…

Meet Elena: FASP’s New Administrative Assistant

Elena is the new cheerful face of our front office: FASP’s Administrative Assistant is an international, quadrilingual woman who speaks English, French, Russian and Bulgarian. Prior to joining the team at FASP, Elena worked as a photographer. During her time as a photographer, she captured photographs of students ranging from Pre-K through Grade 12. As she is familiar…

Poetry Enlivens Kindergarten Students’ First Week of School!

Music, Art and Pierre Lozère, “C’est la rentrée!”. Our Kindergarten students created their individual rendition of the French composer, as the first entry for their poetry notebook.

Welcome Back, FASP!

We were thrilled to open our doors again and safely welcome back our students for their first day of school! Take a look at a few snapshots of our first day of the 2021-22 school year!

Faculty Members Return to FASP

We’re (almost) Back to FASP! This morning, faculty and staff members returned to attend their first day of orientation. The FASP team enjoyed a shared breakfast of delicatessens, became reacquainted with one another and were presented the primary objectives for the new academic year. It is exciting to meet the new teachers and staff while…

FASP Alumni Spotlight: Swas Goel

An in-depth interview with alumni as they reflect on their time at the French American School of Princeton (FASP). Although FASP Alumnus Swas Goel recently graduated from high school, he still finds his academic success stemming from the French American School of Princeton.  After moving to the U.S. from Canada in 2017, Swas joined FASP…