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There's always something exciting happening at FASP, and we want to help you stay informed of current news and school events. We will update this page regularly with important announcements and news. Please check back often!

Galette des Rois!

Today, students throughout all grade levels celebrated Galette des Rois! After lunch, each class crowned their own king or queen after the “fève” was found in one of the pieces of Kings’ Cake. Take a look at the royal celebration! A huge thanks goes to the Parents’ Association for purchasing the galettes!

Galettes at Home!

Kings and queens are among us! During an at-home Zoom class, students in kindergarten put their culinary skills to the test and prepared a traditional galette! While using ingredients such as almond flour, sugar and butter, students baked a sweet treat fit for royalty.

Happy New Year!

On behalf of the FASP faculty & staff, we wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! As today marks our (virtual) return to school following the winter break, our wish is to meet all of you in person by the end of this school year. Meanwhile, please stay safe and take good care of…

Snowflakes in Kindergarten

Using oil pastels, students created snowflakes in kindergarten. But, these are secret snowflakes! After creating the snowflakes, students then used ink to paint over the oil-based snowflakes, showing their special water-resistant style.  

Pen-Pals in Grade 1A

Ahead of the holiday season, students in grade 1A sent off their first letters to their pen-pals in France! The first-graders sent in their personalized letters, along with their headshots to introduce themselves to their peers in France. Coming soon, students will then receive a letter response from their pals overseas.  

Inventions Are in Progress!💡

Over the past several weeks, students in seventh grade were tasked with developing a physical or digital product that solves a problem. If the students so choose, they can then enter their product prototypes into the “Inventor’s Challenge 2020.” The challenge is an annual competition, and the winners could take home the grand prize of…