News & Events

There's always something exciting happening at FASP, and we want to help you stay informed of current news and school events. We will update this page regularly with important announcements and news. Please check back often!

Welcome Back, FASP!

We were thrilled to open our doors again and safely welcome back our students for their first day of school! Take a look at a few snapshots of our first day of the 2021-22 school year!

Faculty Members Return to FASP

We’re (almost) Back to FASP! This morning, faculty and staff members returned to attend their first day of orientation. The FASP team enjoyed a shared breakfast of delicatessens, became reacquainted with one another and were presented the primary objectives for the new academic year. It is exciting to meet the new teachers and staff while…

FASP Alumni Spotlight: Swas Goel

An in-depth interview with alumni as they reflect on their time at the French American School of Princeton (FASP). Although FASP Alumnus Swas Goel recently graduated from high school, he still finds his academic success stemming from the French American School of Princeton.  After moving to the U.S. from Canada in 2017, Swas joined FASP…

Congratulations, Graduates!

On June 4th, FASP celebrated our kindergarten, 5th-grade and 8th-grade graduates! During a ceremony held in our campus’ gymnasium, we first celebrated our 5th and 8th-grade graduates during a morning ceremony. In the afternoon, we were able to host a ceremony for kindergarten students. After the kindergarten ceremony, students enjoyed delicious treats with their classmates…

FASP Celebrates Head of School Corinne Güngör

Over the past several months, the Corinne Güngör “Celebration Planning Committee” has worked to plan a few events designed to honor and celebrate our current Head of School (HOS). As she wraps up her two-decade role as HOS, here’s a recap of some of our events so far: Signs on Campus – To kick off…

Elementary & Middle School Students Enjoy Lunch Outdoors

During the week of May 10th, elementary and middle school students headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather during lunch! Our beautiful campus was the stage for a succession of luncheons on the grass, with elementary and middle school students enjoying their meal on their picnic blanket.