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There's always something exciting happening at FASP, and we want to help you stay informed of current news and school events. We will update this page regularly with important announcements and news. Please check back often!

It’s a Winter Wonderland ❄️

Have you seen our festive holiday decorations? In preparation for the upcoming holidays, the FASP Parents’ Association transformed our normal outdoor scenery into a beautiful, holiday-themed setting. A huge thanks goes to the FASP PA for providing the decorations and making our outdoors a beautiful sight!  

The Many Benefits of Bilingualism

According to the Associated Press, in 2001, up to 66 percent of the world’s children were raised bilingual. As bilingualism has become more common, it grew into a popular academic research topic. Numerous studies concurred that speaking multiple languages brings many benefits in brain development, social skills, and economic advantages.  The Cognitive Advantages of Bilingualism…

French-American Schools: A Standard of Excellence Available Throughout the U.S. and Beyond

By Aude Quiroga, bilingual Admissions Director at the French American School of Princeton and mother of three trilingual children You may be wondering why you should consider a bilingual school. You may ask what ways are they different from other types of independent schools, or what does it mean to be accredited by the French…

Hat Day at FASP!

We spot helmets, baseball caps and animal ears! That’s right, November 9th at FASP was Hat Day! To kick-off the week, our community wore their finest headgear which displayed their creativity while using various designs and styles. Check out the hats we spotted throughout the day!

Mock Election at FASP!

Students at FASP made their voices heard during the presidential election! Over the past several weeks, students in the elementary and middle school levels learned about the election and the voting process. Each week, students worked on activities that expanded their knowledge regarding political parties, selecting a candidate and casting a ballot. In second grade,…

Class President Election in Second Grade

Ahead of the upcoming presidential election, second-grade students recently held one of their very own! During the activity, students practiced election vocabulary and learned the process of voting, including the nomination of candidates and casting a ballot.