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Soccer Shots teaches the beautiful game of soccer. Focusing on individual skill, fitness, and sportsmanship, each session provides an opportunity for kids to be challenged through fun games and competitions.


TGA’s 5 Level Golf Enrichment Program introduces children to golf and prepares them for the golf course.

Ipad in education

A research study, conducted in Auburn, Maine showed that Kindergartner students using iPads scored much higher on literacy tests than students that didn’t use the device. Source: TUAW –

How the Brain Benefits From Being Bilingual |

Never mind how well spoken you might be now, you will never again be as adept with languages as the day you were born. Indeed, the youngest person in any room is almost always the best linguist there too. Read more | Article by Jeffrey Kluger

Understanding How the Brain Speaks Two Languages |

Learning to speak was the most remarkable thing you ever did. It wasn’t just the 50,000 words you had to master to become fluent or the fact that for the first six years of your life you learned about three new words per day. Read more | by Jeffrey Kluger


The Intramural Basketball Program began in January and has been very successful. This winter activity has one 10-week session where students meet one day per week in the gym until 5pm. Participants learn and practice their skills, improve their techniques, and compete in games against one another – a nice blend of work and FUN!…