Parents’ Association

The French American School of Princeton has an active Parents’ Association! We work with the parents, teachers, and school administrators to organize activities for our students and their families. Our goal is to enhance and supplement the classroom experience of our students and to strengthen the school community.
We look forward to working with all of you!

Parent Association volunteering – a great way to connect to the community
There’s no better way to experience that connection yourself than by getting involved with Parent Association activities as a volunteer. Being an active member of the Parent Association is a great way to meet and get to know other parents, teachers and staff, to forge new friendships and to strengthen existing relationships. If you are able to volunteer your time, please let us know!

Thank you in advance for all of the ways you will contribute to strengthening our community this year. Please be sure to contact us at if you have questions about how to get involved.

Parents’ Association

From left to right: Robin Lacorazza (Vice-President), Céline Sala (Logistics),
Isabelle Durocher (Secretary), Prisca Tsai (President), Clémence Lovie-Hoyois (Treasurer).

PA Dues

$30.00 per child annual dues for the 2020-21 School Year
Payable electronically with PayPal (a small convenience fee will apply):

Indicate the number of children enrolled at FASP


PA By-laws
Meeting Minutes (Oct 2018)
Passive Fundraising Flyer