Passive Fundraisers

Passive fundraising is a great way to support the school because every family and community member can be involved without spending money. We have implemented several programs in which you can passively participate to help raise funds for our school. The money raised can make all the difference in the number and quality of educational activities all our students will enjoy.

We encourage all families to participate in at least one of these passive fundraising programs. Please consider making it a family effort by inviting family members and friends to participate as well. Thank you for your support and help. “Every little bit helps”!


Together, let’s save the environment by recycling your ink cartridges! Please don’t throw away your empty inkjet cartridges (all brand cartridges, not the compatible or recycled ones), drop them off to our school. We will earn $2 each in Staples Rewards by returning them for recycling to the Staples retail store. Money raised through this program will be used to purchase school and art supplies most needed in our classrooms.


Box Tops for Education is a school fundraising program started by General Mills in 1996. To date, Box Tops has helped America’s schools raise over $250 million to buy the things they need but can’t always afford, such as library books, school supplies and playground equipment. The Box Tops for Education program offers three easy ways to earn cash for schools through everyday activities such as buying groceries, shopping online and purchasing books.


A percentage of all purchases will be donated to the PA: just drop off your McCaffrey’s receipts in the school's mailbox.