Summer reading lists

Summer reading is recommended, not required. Our lists contain suggestions for reading, it is not mandatory that you read the books listed.

The long days of summer give us lots of time to read. Here are some great books to help you enjoy summer vacation even more than you already are. These lists are not meant to be comprehensive, but to give you some suggestions to assist you in selecting your books. In order to sustain the love of reading, and to encourage progress in both languages, we encourage our students to alternate their reading in French and English.

FASP-SummerReadings 2019

Links defined on the book titles will take you directly to the appropriate AMAZON website depending if the book is in French or in English. You may order the French books online at AMAZON.FR (shipping to the US is available).

Grade 2 – Grade 3
Grade 4 – Grade 5

We would like our students entering Grade 2 through 5 to keep a log of their readings (see template) that will be given to their teachers the first day of school.

Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8